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Biden Wakes Up, Notices Texas SnowStorm, Issues Disaster Relief

"Joe Biden, the current occurpant in the White House, woke up and finally issued a "partial" state of emergency in 77 counties in Texas hit by the winter snow storm a week ago. Rumors that his own Energy Department ordered electricity cut at the height of the storm knocking out power circulated online. A slow response by the Biden regime to this disaster is troublesome, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Texans may submit applications seeking federal assistance to recover from damages caused by the storm thanks to the announcement Saturday by the FEMA agency.


FEMA said the assistance can include grants for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-cost loans.

If you have insurance and are applying for disaster assistance, you must also file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

FEMA said by law, it can't duplicate benefits for losses covered by insurance. If insurance does not cover all your damage, you may be eligible for federal assistance. The fastest way to apply is online at

"Anybody with half a brain in the White House would take all the unnecessary deployments of thousands of National Guard around an empty U.S. Capitol and send them to Texas, " Delgaudio said.


One eyewitness account exclusively provided to Public Advocate:
"I was traveling from El Paso to Fort Worth with the chilling temperatures and snow that most Texans have not seen in about 100 years, we were unprepared and did not have the infrastructure for such weather, but on top of that, most don't know that it was not the snow that put most Texans in the dark, but the loss of power.
This has resulted in mush damage including freezing pipes in homes busting and others freezing to death! From the frozen water in the home to the freezing temperature with snow & ice outside, it was a big disaster! Many tried to flee to places of warmth including their cars.
At one hotel where I was at, the power had been off for 2 days, many hopped into their cars to get some warmth and the hotel manager tried to handle the chaos while shivering under several blankets. It was 13 degrees. Fast food places where out of food and closing their doors. Gas stations ran out of gas leaving people stranded and others lined up for hours to get a few gallons.
The conditions on the road that I witnessed was another sad disaster, because most places did not have snow-plows nor salt for the roads, it was very hard to travel. I saw many cars either abandoned on the side of the road or vehicles that had been totaled from being in a crash. One semitruck I saw in the middle of the median was so badly twisted up that it was hardly recognizable. Never before had I seen so many car accidents on the road." (END)