Defending the family

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2020 has come and gone, and what a tough year it was.

When it started, I knew we'd be facing a hard fight to defeat the Homosexual Agenda in the looming elections...

...but I have to admit, I had no idea of the depths of corruption our enemies would stoop to steal 2020.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that everything revolved around President Trump.

First, the Radical Left tried to undermine the President's response to the COVID-19 crisis.

But then, the radical Governors and Mainstream Media went drastically overboard using COVID-19 as an excuse to commit a massive assault on our liberties.

Businesses were destroyed, families impoverished, and worst of all -- churches were ordered to shutter their doors.

Radical Governors across the country used 2020 to claim a new "power" over their communities -- the power to tell churches when they can and can't open.

They even tried to tell churches HOW they could open -- attempting to control what elements of a service were observed.

Pastors were arrested, congregations faced ruinous fines, and many churches became the target of terror campaigns by police on orders of petty local politicians.

I'm proud to report to you that your Public Advocate was at the forefront of all these fights, leading the charge to defend Religious Liberty.

Due to our legal advice and the political outcry we generated, we stirred then-Attorney General Barr to take action to defend specific churches facing persecution.

Public Advocate directly joined many of these lawsuits on behalf of churches asserting their right to operate as they feel best.

And we held an anti-lockdown protest every week for months.

This culminated in our staged production of the "COVID Coffin Dance" to demonstrate that we were burying the COVID pandemic.

President Trump soon responded to our activism by calling on the Governors to respect the First Amendment.

The anti-Trump media reacted as if his defense of the First Amendment marked him as a tyrant, but Public Advocate swiftly came to his defense and pointed out that the President's role is to defend our rights from even our local politicians.

As a result of our efforts, the Governors have largely backed off of church services.

Other highlights of your Public Advocate's efforts in 2020 include our response to the perverse movie on Netflix that sexualizes children -- Cuties.

The public backlash to this grotesque movie has led to a surge in Netflix cancellations, and prompted the State of Texas to file criminal charges against the streaming service.

Public Advocate delivered 30,000 signed petitions to Netflix's headquarters.

But the Homosexual Lobby and their allies in Hollywood have doubled-down on this movie, nominating Cuties for several awards.

President Trump also answered our call to action over last summer's BLM/AntiFa riots -- condemning these organizations as criminal terrorists.

Both BLM and AntiFa fully embrace the radical Homosexual Agenda, calling for the destruction of real marriage, the dissolution of gender, and even the end of nuclear families.

Public Advocate brought our unique experience to bear with Trump's appointment of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court.

We were the first group to respond to the open SCOTUS seat with a delivery of 10,000 petitions to President Trump.

And then we followed those up with 30,000 petitions to the Senate in support of Justice Barrett.

Her nomination and confirmation undoubtedly prevented someone on the radical Left from taking that seat.

And of course, 2020 marked the launch of a new campaign to Make the Family Great Again by taking back the month of June with the brand LMNOP+.

This celebration of the Lifestyles of Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary People has been widely embraced by Conservatives.

We took this message directly to the White House by holding a MTFGA Rally in the face of violent threats from the Radical Left.

No other organization has held a rally anywhere near the White House during these violent times.

The Mainstream Media worked overtime to defeat President Trump in the national election.

Working in conjunction with Big Tech, the media suppressed stories of the Biden Family's corruption.

Your Public Advocate, the New York Post, and even President Trump were all censored by Big Tech to suppress the truth we were spreading to the voters.

In response to this, I instructed my staff to explore any and every alternative social media platform to keep us on the internet.

And of course, ever since Election Day, your Public Advocate has been working overtime to help Trump uncover voter fraud and corruption.

My staff have deployed to Washington, D.C., Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania to join the effort to stop the steal.

My lawyers -- and I personally -- have assisted with dozens of legal filings in the battleground states.

We have have been the only group to consistently publish critical legal strategies to both state legislatures and to the President's lawyers that have been acted upon.

Our latest strategy has been hailed by many conservative news sites as a "new hope" at Christmas and New Years to bring America justice.

I am so grateful that Public Advocate was properly positioned to defend American freedom this year.

If Trump is able to defeat the corrupt forces conspiring against him, it will be largely due to Public Advocate's expertise and perseverance.

But if Biden is sworn in to office on the 20th, Public Advocate's work will be more critical than ever.

Right now, so much is riding on the Georgia Senate run-off elections this Tuesday.

Public Advocate has awarded incumbent Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue 100% pro-Family ratings based on their public records.

Challengers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have each been rated 0% pro-Family due to their avowed support for the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And then on the 6th, the decision of the presidential election will be put before Congress.

Please pray for our nation this week, as these next couple of days will determine whether we turn away from the Homosexual Agenda or steer right into it.

But, regardless, you should be immensely proud of the critical role you played as a supporter of Public Advocate in 2020.

We have accomplished more this year than I could possibly include in one statement (though I've shared them with you as they happened by email to 100,000 supporters).

And I could not have done a fraction of this good work without your support. Thank you to my supporters and to all supporters of President Donald Trump's pro-family policies.