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Liberal Washington Post Steals Public Advocate Rats in Broad Daylight


Statement on Theft Of Public Advocate Rat By Washington Post

The Washington Post has a long history of fabricating things about conservatives but has sometimes reported accurately about Public Advocate political theater in the Washington region. Thank you for that.

Public Advocate staged a production December 12, announced in a video December 11, in Washington depicting Lying Democrats who stole the election and on December 18 the Washington Post posted a comic depicting Republicans as Rats titled "All the Republican Rats."

In response, "Public Advocate demands the return of our Public Advocate rats that you stole and improperly portrayed as Republicans as Public Advocate clearly named Lying Democrats as Rats way back on December 11 2020 a full week before you stole our Lying Democrat Rat and falsely claim its a Republican," says Eugene Delgaudio, president Public Advocate.

Videos were posted and widely circulated on social media. "Come on man, give us credit or at least put a disclaimer that says "Public Advocate has called lying Democrats Rats last week," asks Delgaudio.

Video Posted December 11 2020