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Don't let the media and cowardly Supreme court get you down, this election is far from over! There are still more cases coming to the Supreme Court.

Gateway Pundit reports:

There are still court cases in nearly every state of concern. Below is our understanding of open cases as of Friday night:

In Pennsylvania Rudy has a case he plans to take to the US Supreme Court. The couple congressmen from Pennsylvania still have a case at the US Supreme Court where they argue that the manner in which absentee ballots were processed in the state was unconstitutional.

In Michigan an Obama judge threw out Sidney Powell's case claiming massive corruption in the election process in the state. The judge must think carting tens of thousands of ballots into a counting area with no Republicans present is entirely fine. Powell has suggested she will forward this to the US Supreme Court.

In Georgia Lin Wood has a case now at the Supreme Court. Sidney Powell has a case which was thrown out which she plans to bring to the Supreme Court. President Trump has filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court in Georgia.

In Arizona the RNC and Sidney Powell both have cases they are sending to the Supreme Court.

In Wisconsin President Trump has a case in progress with the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

In Nevada its Supreme Court dismissed President Trump's election appeal. We are not sure if this is going on to the US Supreme Court or not.

"Let's give the Justices some support to stiffen their respective spines," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Public Advocate is involved in critical legal fights to expose voter corruption and strike invalid ballots from the totals.

This Saturday December 12 Rally is going to be HUGE!

If you can come, please meet us at U.S. Supreme Court at 11:30 AM, Saturday December 12th.

Who: Rudy's Singing Reindeer
What: Christmas Carolers Wear Reindeer Antlers, Salute Rudy Giuliani, and help Santa-Trump drain the swamp!

When: Perform live 11:30 am Saturday Dec. 12, 2020
Where: U.S. Supreme Court, First Street, and Maryland Avenue N.E. Washington,DC
Why: Sing Public Advocate Christmas Carols for the cause (Updated Lyrics posted here)