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Video Shows Election Staff Clear out Witnesses, Vote Hidden Ballots

National File Reports:

Bombshell video released in Georgia by the Trump legal team during today's hearing shows a group of female vote counters sending everyone home, waiting until all observers are gone, then pulling black suitcases out from under a table and counting the ballots concealed within while there is no oversight, or clear chain of custody for where the black suitcase ballots came from.

In today's Georgia hearing, President Trump's legal team revealed security camera video that shows vote tabulators in Georgia sending all observer and volunteers home, then pulling a series of black suitcases from underneath a table and tabulating the ballots concealed within.

Jackie Pick, a lawyer who was volunteering for the purposes of her appearance, told the legislators in the hearing that "What you're going to see happen, at about 11 o'clock, is once everyone is gone, coast is clear, they are going to pull ballots out from underneath a table

The Epoch Times has report and video here: