Defending the family

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Free men fighting against overwhelming odds to maintain their freedom. Leftists hate it.

The Stream's Mark Judge posts:

Yes, well over a decade since it appeared, liberals still hate 300.

The reason is clear. 300 tells the story of a brave but small group of soldiers who defy an overwhelming force. They fight a invading army that represents tyranny, the occult, personal coercion, and promiscuity. An army that holds that people and states are like gods who ought to be worshiped.

The Democrats of 480 B.C.

The Persians, led by the bejeweled and cruel Xerxes, are basically the 2020 Democratic party set in 480 B.C. Check out the trailer and see.

Why All the Hate?

Why does the left hate 300 so much? Because the movie still reveals truths that they are not comfortable with. In fact, 300 is probably more relevant today than when it was released. In 2020, America is suffering at the hands of a violent, coercive elite.

One that insists the people bow in tribute to neo-Marxism and critical race theory.

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