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Thousands Watching now: Public Advocate Performs Covid Casket Dance Team

Yahoo news, the Patch (and others Loudoun News, Loudoun Times Mirror, WUSA Channel 9 TV News)

"LEESBURG, VA - A group of demonstrators, including former Loudoun County Board member Eugene Delgaudio (R), held a so-called COVID-19 public funeral in Leesburg Friday to protest measures taken by state and local governments to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A black casket with the words "RIP COVID" painted on it was carried by four pallbearers wearing black top hats and red sashes. The group was led by a band leader with a large four-foot baton. The group called itself the COVID Casket Dance Team.

Delgaudio, a delegate to the Republican National Convention, tweeted Friday that the COVID-19 casket dance team was "awesome." "

10,000 have viewed the video on Facebook and thousands have seen the performance on social media including Twitter and Parler.

The purpose of the performance was to show support for Reopen Virginia efforts by several families demonstrating in Leesburg Loudoun County, Virginia for 15 previous weeks asking for relief to restrictions imposed by Loudoun County and the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Local elected county board chairman Phyllis Randall condemned the free speech rights of conservatives openly and issued a statement attempting to misrepresent the performance as a celebration of the victims when Public Advocate issued a clear statement that it was to celebrate the death of COVID in Virginia.

Photo of Original African Coffin Dancers who are the inspiration for the parody performed by Public Advocate