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Republican Party Nominee: President Donald Trump

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate issued a statement August 25 after the official nomination of Donald John Trump as the nominee for president by the Republican Party on Monday August 24.

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate

"Public Advocate posted an opinion earlier about Joe Biden the Democratic Party nominee and his positions on our vital pro-family positions.

Today I give you Public Advocate's opinions about the Republican nominee and his policies or promises as it relates to our social conservative policy positions.

Donald Trump first chose for his running mate Mike Pence, who was widely seen as a voice for the pro-Family Movement.

Since his election, Pence and his wife have been frequently targeted and even mocked by the Homosexual Lobby for their family's Christian values.

While in office, President Trump and his administration have rolled back the special privileges and programs of the Homosexual Agenda at every turn.

Under Dr. Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development Department has removed men from battered women's shelters and cut preferential treatment for homosexuals.

The Department of Education under Betsy DeVos has reversed the Obama-era policy of allowing "transgender athletes" to compete in their preferred gender category.

This puts an end to boys choosing to compete against girls -- which across the board has proven to be a completely unequal competition.

The Education Department has also drastically rolled back the emphasis once placed on promoting the Homosexual Agenda in classrooms -- including Obama's demand that all schools have "transgender bathrooms."

Attorney General Barr and the Justice Department fought on behalf of a young female athlete who saw a scholarship taken away from her to go to a boy masquerading as female in a track meet.

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Department has terminated homosexual and transgender programs designed to promote those unhealthy lifestyles.

The Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Justice, Labor, and Veterans Affairs have all proposed internal rule changes to strip programs that privilege homosexuals with regard to their respective services.

President Trump has also personally curtailed the White House's involvement in the so-called "Gay Pride Month."

He has twice listened to Public Advocate and nominated Supreme Court Justices who presented themselves as defenders of the Bill of Rights and Christian liberty.

Trump directed the Pentagon to reverse Obama's last minute directive to allow "transgender" persons into military service, despite their medical disqualifications.

The Office of Personnel Management erased guidelines that had been written by the Homosexual Lobby and added to instruction materials.

President Trump has directed his administration to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in court.

The ERA's deadline for ratification expired in the 1980s, yet the Homosexual Lobby is using legal trickery to try to claim it is now a fully ratified amendment of the Constitution.

They have repeatedly filed in court to make it active.

Trump rescinded the Obama order that forced schools to allow "transgender bathroom" free-for-alls.

President Trump has also become a strong voice calling for the immediate end to government interference in church services and worship during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump, utilizing legal arguments promoted by Public Advocate, has pointed out that governors and mayors have no power under the Constitution to close churches even during a public health crisis, nor to restrict how they conduct themselves during these services.

Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department have filed in several cases to defend churches from local government abuse.

On Independence Day, 2020, Trump made it a priority of his administration to protect our nation's Christian-themed monuments from vandalism at the hands of the terrorist network AntiFa.


Never before has the Homosexual Agenda been so openly central to a presidential election.

Will the next four years be the time where America sees the end of womanhood and gender?

Will the next four years see pedophilia normalized in the political sphere?

Will the government muzzle churches and arrest pastors en masse?

No matter the results of the elections, it is Public Advocate's job to direct those in power toward the correct policies.

All of these items are at the top of the Homosexual Lobby's to-do list.

If Public Advocate isn't there to stop it, I fear all of those questions will be answered "yes" within just a few short years.

That's why I'm counting on you to help me hold the politicians accountable.

(End of Statement)