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In light of anti-Christian bigotry being practiced by monopoly Tech CEOs interfering with the election, Public Advocate reposts this Assessment of E-Bay Anti-Black Christian Practices.

Original Post and Letter : August 19, 2020

Regarding: eBay Document ID: 884XXXXXXXX

Response online appeal by direct appeal and mailed copy to
Jamie Iannone, President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay, Inc.
2025 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125 USA

Dear E-Bay management and President Iannone,

I got this suspension notice one hour after registered my business account on August 11, 2020: "After reviewing your eBay account, we've noted several concerns with your recent activity that pose a unacceptable risk to our community."

And this from E-Bay also: "If you would like to appeal this action, we need to verify your account information and your eBay activity directly with you."

As president of Public Advocate, I would like to appeal this action by E-Bay as it violates decency,equality, diversity, equality, and the pursuit of basic civil rights, voting rights and human rights worldwide.

I hope you do not become part of the extremely vicious racist cabel that runs the establishment in many bigoted parts of the United States of America today that our not for profit community based Public Advocate is fighting.

Let's review Public Advocate recent activity that only racist bigots your company may employ that they would object to.

Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. has been in existence since 1978 and has not had any activity on your platform other than to register an account.

Following the creation of Public Advocate of the United States, Incorporated (full name), many other similar sounding names of public service groups, independent of Public Advocate of the United States have sprung up over the years. I can understand the confusion but none of those
groups are affiliated with us in any way nor are we representing them in this matter at this time.

I hope your suspension notice has not been hijacked by a member of the right wing extreme that hate black people and those groups that defend minorities against these same bigots.

Public Advocate has angered some racists or people who are indifferent to those who hate black people seeking public office in America as we (Public Advocate) fight for them as part of our mission to promote equality, diversity, equality, and the pursuit of basic civil rights, voting rights and human rights worldwide.

Public Advocate's most recent activity has been to support voting rights against bigots who hate black people seeking ballot status in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here is a link to that project explaining our extensive legal actions to defend black candidates

seeking public ballot status.

Public Advocate of the U.S. is supporting filings on behalf of a Memphis life-long Democrat in the United States District Court for Western Tennessee for relief from violations of the Voting Rights Act for racial discrimination against black people.

The victim of of disgusting bigotry posted a public statement on youtube wearing a proper mask and thanking me for our support of his law suit to preserve his voting rights.

Here is a link to this black civil rights hero on his youtube channel which is not part of the Public Advocate youtube channel

Headline: Tennesee Judge Order: Public Advocate Protects Minorities In Memphis Against Bigotry

Our legal team consists of lay people who represent themselves pro-se (on their own) and some lawyers who assist other black candidates. In 2018 and again in 2020 our legal assistance provided some needed assistance to black candidates running the Democratic Party primaries.
A federal judge awarded a temporary restraining order hearing several times over the years in response to our pleas.

The federal district order restoring the minority candidate for Congress is posted here on our website.

Another article discussing this legal victory is posted along with a photograph of the minority victims of systemic racism to bar them from having basis voting rights and denying them ballot status.

Public Advocate legal assistance in 2018 and in 2020 are not the only civil and voting rights cases we have been supportive of.

Public Advocate defended black Atlanta Fire chief Kelvin Cochran on the streets of Atlanta working with his mostly black supporters to expose the bigotry he encountered after he was fired by the City of Atlanta.

Here is the video documenting some of our efforts in Atlanta.


Again in Atlanta,Marquitta R. Ford, a courageous black lady, was arrested and jailed - and given humiliating treatment by the authorities - after legally protesting with a hand held sign in front of the Georgia State Capitol. She had been demonstrating on the same spot - a public sidewalk - for nearly three months and had previously been assured by police that it was legal to be there.

Marquitta Ford needed help and Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio responded by finding an attorney and paying for her to have legal respresentation.

I believe Ford was singled out by white bigots because she was black.

Marquitta R. Ford (left) with her attorney Larry Kohn outside of the courthouse at her arraignment hearing in April.

On another ocassion,as Public Advocate took immediate action following the terrible assault on Kennethy Gladney by white thugs.

Kenneth Gladney was handing out civic friendly flags at U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahans town hall meeting in South St. Louis County when he was approached by three anti-black representatives of a local unlawful white dominated group. One member demanded to know what a black man was doing passing out the flags. A different anti-Black representative used racist slurs against Mr. Gladney, but he (the victim Gladney) refused to back down.

The white anti-black thugs assaulted Gladney, who suffered injuries from being punched in the face, knocked down, and brutally kicked in the head and back by them.

Mr. Gladney bravely stood up against this anti-black goon squad sent to silence him and bravely defended our freedoms against the socialist thugs. Public Advocate commends Kenneth Gladney for his courage and bravery while standing up for freedom of speech.

A video is posted reporting and documenting the Public Advocate project condemning racist violence directed against Kenneth Gladney, a black citizen. (see below)

This outrageous act of violence by white bigots required an immediate condemnation from everyone concerned about injustice. And I did not waste any time but quickly publicly did perform a public news conference and media availability over a 20 mile walking effort.

Public Advocate interviewed thousands of mostly black supporters of Barrack Obama at his inauguration to conclusively show our solidarity with them on an important civil and legislative principle: a citizen's right to the pursuit of happiness in marriage.

This is documented here with this posted video on our youtube channel.


When I helped the first black woman become President of her college, Mary Lewis, and the first black woman to become vice-president of her college, Geneve Scott, I promised them a fair election and that I would stand by them against all the people who would stop equality, diversity, the right to vote for minorities and their right to run for office. They both won but President Lewis and Vice-president Scott had to overcome many years of establishment bigorty.

It was white bigots who hated black people that prevented for many years what I fought for in these cases.

Again, I hope your suspension notice has not been hijacked by a member of the extremist groups that hate black people and hate those groups who defend minorities against these same bigots.

Your suspension threatens our recent attempt to raise needed funds to assist through all legal means possible the terrible situation where black citizens rights are trampled by bigoted powerful white political bosses in Memphis and Atlanta and elsewhere. Since you make specific reference to "recent activity" , I will consider E-Bay to be in some kind of accord with these bigoted and wrongful actions to deny basic civil rights, voting rights and ballot access to minority citizens in this country and in the world.

I promise you, if this sad injustice against those who would defend voting rights for minorities stands without correction, Public Advocate will not be silent against this type of tyranny and if as I suspect, you will ignore this appeal and you allow this suspension to stand.


Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the United States, Inc.
business email address: [email protected]