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Disney Wants All Children to be queer according to new report

Pro-homosexual news blog very delighted with Disney:

(from pro-homosexual pink news)

"Disney continues to make positive steps on LGBT+ representation, confirming for the first time that a lead Disney Channel protagonist is canonically bisexual.

The Owl House, which airs on the Disney Channel, has previously dropped hints that its lead character Luz, a 14-year-old Dominican-American, might be queer.

In the latest episode, viewers discovered that Amity was planning to ask Luz to go to prom with her, prompting creator Dana Terrace to confirm that at least one of them is bisexual.

Terrace wrote on Twitter that it had always been her intention to include "queer kids in the main cast".

When Hirsch began making his show in 2012, he said, Disney "forbade" him from any "explicit LGBT+" representation (though its final episode revealed two supporting male characters were in a relationship)..........."

Warning: continued at pro-gay news site.