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President Trump Cancels Jacksonville portion of Republican National Convention

The Democratic Party National Convention was always virtual and online. Now part of the Republican party convention will be online. Few major news agencies headline that 300 Republican "super delegates" will meet in person in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24 to formally nominate Trump.

Fox News Reports

President Trump announced Thursday that he is canceling the Republican National Convention events that were scheduled to take place next month in Jacksonville, Fla. - citing the rising numbers of COVID-19 in the state.

"The timing for this event is not right, it's just not right," Trump said during a press briefing at the White House. "To have a big convention, it's just not the right time."

Trump added: "There is nothing more important in our country than keeping our people safe."

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel said she supported the president's announcement, calling it a "difficult decision.".............

While the Jacksonville portion of the convention has been canceled, Trump said that delegates will still meet in North Carolina and that he will give an address when he accepts the nomination.