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Weak Military Brass Buckle To Godless Forces Again, Cancel Training By Christian


The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is facing backlash from both sides of the religious liberty debate after it planned a training session that was later canceled over the speaker's background in Christianity -- fueling Congressional scrutiny of both the military and the nonprofit which appeared to prompt the cancellation.

Air Force veteran Jay Lorenzen was slated to speak at an annual training for JAG reservists on Friday, but that came to a screeching halt after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) relayed its reservist clients' concerns about Lorenzen's beliefs influencing his talks. An MRFF press release boasted on Saturday that its president, Michael Weinstein, was able to obtain a cancellation within just 64 minutes.

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told Fox News on Monday that he was "appalled" by the USMC's "willingness to quickly cave to Mikey Weinstein's atheist demands to eradicate Christianity from our military."

"While the Department of Defense has a long history of willfully ignoring the religious freedom of its service members, banning a former Air Force Academy professor from leading a Marine Corps training because of his Christian beliefs is absolutely unconscionable. I look forward to discussing this with Department of Defense officials at our meeting on Thursday," said Collins, a military chaplain.