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Supreme Court Votes 7 to 2 Not To Destroy Little Sisters of the Poor

Thanks Supreme Court for not destroying a group of nuns who have been hauled before the Supreme Court yet again like other Christians who have been harrassed, attacked and abused by the leftist mob destroying most everything in their path without restraint. The two idiots who voted to destroy the nuns should be held in permanent contempt as willful volunteers for the train to the hot flames of hell," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


The Supreme Court on Wednesday voted 7-2 to uphold Trump administration rules to allow employers with sincere moral or religious objections to deny employees access to free contraceptive coverage.

The rules broadened a carve-out to the contraceptive coverage mandate included in the Affordable Care Act, the health-care overhaul commonly known as Obamacare. According to government estimates, the religious exemption would lead to possibly as many 125,000 women losing their coverage.

Justice Clarence Thomas, who authored the majority opinion, wrote that the Trump administration "had the authority to provide exemptions from the regulatory contraceptive requirements for employers with religious and conscientious objections."


Victory for the Little Sisters

Victory for the Little Sisters