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Antifa Terrorists Attack White House, Burn Church, Assault Reporters, 4,000 Arrested

(Monday, June 1, 2020 for immediate release) Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate responded to the violence, assaults, looting and riots throughout the United States this past weekend.

"We all condemn the wrongful death and support the lawful process to punish a crime in the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is normal for an investigation to take two days before the officer's, Derek Chauvin, arrest and being charged with third degree murder and 3rd degree manslaughter.

Pray for peace and justice and the rule of law in America today. Thank you.

Police have the power and authority to inflict force and that is why you or I would be arrested and charged immeidately versus a police officer who has authority to use force. "


Having paid thugs marching around and performing violence is the problem.

Peaceful protest is entirely proper and Public Advocate volunteers do it for 40 years.

For fifty years I have observed and done my share of marching and seen peaceful mobs. I have also seen violence pushed by the George Soros gang.

The riots in our cities are largely out of town thugs paid by George Soros to burn police stations or cars at targeted locations around the country to ochestrate violence. And the violence, looting, burning, vandalism is the work of the Antifa Domestic Terrorist network and must be investigated, arrests must be made, and if guilty serve long prison sentences in federal prisons. "


photo from peaceful news conference at Lafayette Park, the scene of assaults on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.