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Public Advocate Stands With Liberty University, Anti-Christian Hysterics Attack LU for Opening

Reverend Jerry Falwell is following all precautions from the state and federal governments and should be allowed to conduct its educational mission. Public Advocate stands with Rev. Jerry Falwell and Liberty University as it stands to continue its daily operation in response to the hysterical attacks from the New York Times and the Klu Klux Klan promoting racist Governor Ralph Northam who is illegally declaring it a crime to pray at a church under a horrific executive order, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Liberty University Official Statement:

"Liberty University has been, and will continue to be, in compliance with all of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's directives, as well as all applicable federal guidance.

The Governor was quoting scripture today about Christian duty to protect our students. That's exactly what Liberty has been laboring tirelessly to do over the last couple of weeks. We really think it's un-Christian to turn students away and push any problems off on someone else. Most of our residential campus students are not in the Lynchburg area. Only about 10 percent of our residential students are currently here on campus. Many of those are international students who did not leave the country on Spring Break and have nowhere else to go. The Governor should understand that."


"Amid the COVID-19 shutdowns, Liberty University made the decision to allow students back on campus. This action has resulted in the University being blasted by Left media and politicians.

Jamelle Bouie of the NY Times instsed that the elderly population of Virginia were being put at risk. He said, "14.4 percent of everyone in Lynchburg&is over the age of 65, if you want a sense of how many people Jerry Falwell Jr. is putting at risk."

The Washington Post pretended as if Liberty University was breaking the law.

They stated, "Northam has since limited public and private gatherings to 10 people. But the school pressed ahead with a decision to allow students to continue to live on campus if they choose&."

None of these criticism make any sense once you understand the explanation from and preautions being taken by Liberty University.

Jerry Fallwell explained the rationale in bringing students back. He says that their goal was to get students back as soon as possible to prevent them from traveling around...........