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Youtube Removes 2 Conservative Live Feeds of Senate Impeachment Trial

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate responded to the sudden removal of two established conservative news reporting organizations from the youtube social media platform:

"The sudden removal of two major conservative live feeds from the youtube social media platform without notice to two conservative groups is an outrage and evidence that free speech is limited to only liberals according to the Youtube management. Both groups, although different groups, have represented mainstream truth seeking public policy groups from a purely non-profit mission. Judicial Watch files lawsuits and legal briefs and this is a trial. Right Side Broadcasting Network has posted 100s of live feeds of Trump and other rallies, forums and debates for years.

Public Advocate tweeted on the twiter platform:

Live feeds removed by stalinist youtube
Judicial Watch
Right Side Broadcasting Network
DAILY CALLER on facebook

rsbn and JW announced youtube removed their live
feeds on youtube without notice.

Fox News Live: Senate impeachment trial of President Trump

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