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Aubrey Burrow, American Patriot Dead at 77

Updated Second Post

Buck Aubrey Burrow , age 77 of Springfield, Virginia, has passed away Oct. 30. "Buck" was his nickname but his full name was Aubrey Horace Burrow.

A service was held with family, neighbors and friends Tuesday, election day in Virginia, November 5, 2019.

Earlier this year in May 2019 before he became ill, Burrow was presented a Presidential Medal of Honor by PA President Eugene Delgaudio before a audience of conservative volunteers and staff for his 30 years of leadership and support for patriotic and pro-family projects.

Buck invested 1000s of hours helping Eugene Delgaudio with Public Advocate over the past 30 years. He stood in the rain, in the cold, and at many news conferences singing with our bad and good singers.

He opposed Clinton, Obama and fought for Reagan and both Bushes and worked hard for Trump in the streets, on the phone and in the media glare all hours, with Public Advocate since 1992.

Before his assocition with Public Advocate, Burrow served in the armed forces in service and in a civilian capacity. He was active in his church, charities and political organizations as well.

Playing the role of CEO of Ernest and Young, he sang a song defending the Boy Scouts of America and was heard by millions on WTOP radio news during a 24 hour news cycle. Here's the link to his singing.

Aubrey Burrow is speaking at 2 minute mark briefly at our rally to
support Trump on the transgender ban. Here is the link.

Here is another video link in a Public Advocate video, Aubrey Burrow stood with me in the rain
as Public Advocate confronted then-President Obama to immediately stop his illegally requiring schools to broadcast his speeches.

Obama subsequently ended his practice to order schools to hear his speeches on the first day of school based on this one event, which Aubrey Burrow was part of. Aubrey Burrow helped end Obama forcing America's children to listen to him.

Aubrey Burrow

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate left, Aubrey Burrow on right

Image may contain: 2 people, including Aubrey Burrow, people standing

Aubrey Burrow on bullhorn at Rally To Support Trump on Transgender Ban in U.S. Military

YEARS ago, Aubrey Burrow stood with me against then President Barrack Obama's attempt to require all of America's school children to listen to his speeches.