Defending the family

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Catholics are being played again, this time in Illinois.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a report by the Office of the Illinois Attorney General on the Catholic Church:

"Catholics are being played again, this time in Illinois.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has released a report by her office on sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy in Illinois. Before addressing her report, consider the backdrop to her investigation.

A few years ago, one teacher at a Northwestern Pennsylvania high school, Brother Stephen Baker, was reported to the authorities on grounds that he allegedly molested a minor in the 1990s. Who reported him? His bishop, Altoona-Johnstown Bishop Mark Bartchak.

What happened next? The Pennsylvania Attorney General, who is now in prison, launched a state-wide probe of six of the eight dioceses in the state. That was all it took-one old case to ignite a huge probe of nearly all Catholic dioceses in the state extending back to World War II."