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John Stossel's Anti-Socialism Video Age Restricted by YouTube

Newsbusters reports:

Libertarian TV personality and former ABC reporter John Stossel says Youtube placed age restrictions on a video he published about socialism. The restrictions were later removed, but the fact they occurred is part of a trend that concerns conservatives and free speech advocates.

Stossel wrote at Townhall on Dec. 5, that Google informed that morning via email that it wouldn't allow his "Socialism Leads to Violence" video to be viewed by young people.

In his column, Stossel wondered whether this video restriction was the case of oversensitive algorithms or of big tech bias.

Both are possible. His video, hosted by Gloria Alvarez includes footage of devastation after a rocket hits a city, as well as footage featuring riots, starving Venezuelans eating garbage, and a sprinkling of profanity.

So it is possible an overzealous algorithm might have flagged this video. But there is a generally a distinction, between graphic violence or disturbing imagery shown for its own sake versus showing historical violence as a necessary tool in education - and Stossel clearly intended to educate about the effects of socialism.

However, it is also possible the content was censored due to its political views.


Hat Tip to Free Republic