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Homosexual Mass Murderer Jeffrey Dahmer Got Police To Return Victim To Him!

"An actual police live audio report was later broadcast on the Associated Press radio network and millions of Americans heard the live report from officers on the scene as authorities decided to return the escaped fleeing victim, Konerak Sinthasomphone, to Jeffrey Dahmer, the convicted serial homosexual murderer. This audio tape, heard during the court trial of Jeffrey Dahmer, is the basis for my reporting on how dangerous so-called "gay rights" legislation, in part, is for localities, states and America, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"Liberals today claim that this horrible injustice never occurred. Liberals and homosexual propagandists claim this never happened-- that this victim never excaped and was never returned to the mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, but here is the truthful account," says Delgaudio.

"Had police -- in 1991-- responded as normal in previous years and times-- with the immediate rescue of a wounded and bleeding 14 year old boy clearly not related to an adult male then all the subsequent victims would have been saved in my opinion," says Delgaudio.

Here is a full online account on how homosexual mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer got away with mass murder with sometimes the cooperation of authorities who were following so-called gay rights laws which ended up impacting innocent citizens in this unfortunate case years ago, in 1991.

The Terrifying Tale Of The Boy The Police Delivered Back To Jeffrey Dahmer's Doorstep

Amanda Tullos of

Jeffrey Dahmer remains one of the most famous killers of all time. Specifically targeting gay youths, Dahmer lured them into his apartment where he assaulted, killed, and dismembered them. Though Dahmer was eventually found out when a victim escaped, another of his victim's managed to flee from Dahmer's nightmarish apartment. A 14-year-old boy by the name of Konerak Sinthasomphone once managed to escape from his clutches, yet his escape failed to put Dahmer in jail. Why is that? Horrifyingly enough, because police officer John Balcerzak actually gave the boy back to Dahmer after he escaped.

Though he initially fled, Sinthasomphone still suffered from a drugging and assault by Dahmer, and was therefore disoriented once witnesses found him in the streets.

Though(t) witnesses pleaded with authorities to take the boy to safety, the cops instead took the boy back to Dahmer's home Later, the boy suffered the same fate as previous victims.


Jeffrey Dahmer Had Already Killed Multiple People Earlier That Year

First, a little distressing background information on Jeffrey Dahmer for context. While he was active, Dahmer murdered at least 17 people, possibly many more than that. In particular, he would target teenage and early 20s males, most of whom were minorities and gay. He picked them at bars or just in the neighborhood, luring them back to his apartment with promises of sex, promiscuous photo shoots, and drugs. Upon arriving to his house, Dahmer would incapacitate, rape, kill, and dismember his victims. The youngest of his victims, whom he did not kill, was only 13 years old. Though jailed for assaulting this youngest victim in 1990, Dahmer was back on the streets in 1991, and he was soon back to his old ways.

In fact, in 1991, Dahmer already murdered at least three people before he targeted Konerak Sinthasomphone. During this time, the body of another victim, Tony Hughes, still decomposed in his apartment. Still, Dahmer hungered for a new victim, and given his past, the killer already had someone in mind.

full account here

ACCOUNT FROM U P I news service on Police Behavior Follows:

Police tapes in Dahmer case damaging

MILWAUKEE -- Tape recordings of police radio communications during an investigation of an incident involving admitted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and a 14-year-old boy are damaging to the department, the Milwaukee Journal reported Wednesday.

Sources told the newspaper the tapes reflected some 'unprofessional conduct' among officers.

It didn't sound too favorable,' the source told the newspaper. 'It may be a bad few months for the police department.'

Three Milwaukee police officers have been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation into allegations they dismissed as a homosexual spat a May 27 report the 14-year-old had fled naked and bleeding from Dahmer's apartment building with Dahmer in pursuit.

Police Chief Philip Arreola played the police tapes for investigators and said he would issue a statement when the internal investigation was completed.

The 14-year-old was identified as Komerak Sinthasomphone, a Laotian boy whose remains were found in Dahmer's apartment. He is one of 17 male victims Dahmer has claimed. Fifteen victims have been identified.

A source who heard the tapes told the newspaper the officers, who were called to the scene by a woman who had seen Dahmer and the boy, referred to the incident as 'boy-boy' trouble and said they wanted to return to the station house for 'delousing.' That term is an inside joke used by officers when talking about people they consider unsavory, the newspaper said.

Other accounts:

Three Milwaukee police officers have been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation into allegations they dismissed as a homosexual spat a May 27 report the 14-year-old had fled naked and bleeding from Dahmer's apartment building with Dahmer in pursuit.