Defending the family

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School closes down , Journalist Starts Go Fund Me Page for Transgender Student


A journalist started a GoFundMe for a 12-year-old biological male transgender student who used the girls' restroom on the first day of class at a school in Achille, Oklahoma, causing so much uproar that the school district canceled classes for two days.

Oklahoma City writer and journalist L. Anne Babb created the GoFundMe - "A Move for Maddie" - which has raised $25,945 as of Monday. The funds are intended to help the transgender student Maddie and his family move out of Achille.

The family moved from Sherman, Texas, to Achille after the transgender teen was bullied at his old school. "We actually moved here from Sherman hoping to have a fresh start for Maddie, because she was severely bullied there, and taunted to commit suicide, and assaulted in the bathroom. Unfortunately, her fresh start did not last long," Maddie's mother Brandy Rose said, The Hill reported Monday.

The GoFundMe comes after the school district canceled class Aug. 13 and 14 in reaction to a saga started by Maddie's use of the girls' bathroom, alarming a number of parents. He had originally used the bathroom on Aug. 8, which was the first day of school.