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FAKE CNN MAD AT PUBLIC ADVOCATE BECAUSE : "Obama is a Child Molester and many Homosexuals corrupt children"

(Repost from June 18, 2018)



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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate responding to the frequent quote attributed
to him that "Barrack Obama is a child molester" said today:

"The homosexual lobby and liberal media deliberately distort and fabricate the context of
my frequent statement "Obama is a child molester" and just claim the literal hyperbolic headline is all I claim about Barrack Obama as if there is no context. This is typical fraud on the part of the homosexual lobby and their allies in the fake news media, like CNN.

First the context. Then I will respond to the fact that there are high proportions of Homosexuals who molest children.



Public Advocate has opposed Barack Obama's abuse of the American children from the
moment he was President to the end of his days as President in news conferences, demonstrations, protests and other public events and reported by the international and national news media. Many liberals in the news media and in the Obama political network hate me and Public Advocate for this truth seeking.

National media personality and conservative spokesman Mark Levin picked up Eugene Delgaudio's remarks in January 2009 against the financial and debt policies of then President-elect Obama.

Later in September 2009, on Labor Day, over 100 news media outlets reported on Eugene Delgaudio's confrontations at a public school in Arlington, Virginia over the illegality of then-President Obama ordering the nation's schools to sponsor his "Labor Day address".

Delgaudio posted thousands of signs "Mr. President, Stay Away from Our Children." Delgaudio gave a live interview to local, national and international news media objecting to the violation of federal law which prohibits any interference with the curriculium of any public school by any federal official.

Obama never returned to speaking at public schools in such a manner again during his term in office.

This is the context for Delgaudio saying "I have always considered Obama a child-molester based on his undermining of America's children and traditional values."

Dozens of times, Eugene Delgaudio marched outside the White House with a large banner: "Mr.
President, Stay Away from our children."

In the final year of the Obama presidency, Delgaudio and Public Advocate was critical of the Obama Transgender policies and revealed through a Freedom of Information Action that there were five written requests for the legal justification to upend the entire national education structure in the United States. This "fraud" was widely publicized to Christians and was considered the number one 2016 wedge issue by both poltical extremes.

Public Advocate's singular focus on confronting the Transgender issue as pushed by the Obama Administration won the presidency for a oppositional Donald Trump-- fighting the transgender topic.

And Delgaudio and Public Advocate have continued being critical of Obama even though he is out of office.

Public Advocate filed a brief, held demonstrations and singing productions at the Supreme Court during deliberations, as reported by the national media, and Christian Jack Phillips won the sympathy US Supreme Court over on religious liberty and the leftists and homosexuals are angry over this.

Public Advocate wants to return America to traditional American morals: one man one woman marriage and the leftists are angry at me and you all for that effort. Our candidate survey shows we are making the case.

Public Advocate has delivered 200,000 petitions to the White House, Congress and written every
member of Congress and the Senate several times this year. Liberals are upset about this as we
do write them too.

In addition to misquoting Eugene Delgaudio and Public Advocate, now the topic of "transgenders being child molesters and homosexuals being child molesters" is conflated or combined.

Public Advocate has posted at length today on the trandsgender topic elsewhere today here and has never said in any fashion "Transgenders are child molesters" anywhere at any time.

Today Public Advocate offers several scientific studies listed below related to the established belief here and in other authorities that there is a higher proportion of pedophiles among homosexuals than among the heterosexual population.


Again, the context of the word "corruption", Public Advocate considers the production, distribution and forced indoctrination of pro-homosexual political propaganda at taxpayer expense a form of corruption and child abuse. This is in addition to the established scientific evidence that actual sexual abuse of a criminal and immoral nature occurs out of proportion to the hetereosexual population.

Catholic Culture online says, and Public Advocate agrees:

"The (American political) situation has become so charged that anyone who even suggests that there may be a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia is instantly and reflexively labeled a "homophobe" and a "gay basher."

Eugene Delgaudio says "This is what CNN and their political writers and assorted blogs are doing right now, along with other allies of the homosexual lobby in the media: calling Public Advocate Anti-gay for simply supporting traditional marriage and facts about homosexual tendencies."

Catholic Culture also states (IN PART):

"...........A number of studies performed over a period spanning more than half a century - many of which were performed by homosexuals or their sympathizers- have shown that an extremely large percentage of sexually active homosexuals also participate in child sexual molestation.

This is not "homophobia" or "hatred," this is simple scientific fact.

For example;

Homosexual Alfred Kinsey, the preeminent sexual researcher in the history of sexual research, found in 1948 that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old.4

A very recent (2000) study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that "The best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer men. In contrast, around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys. Thus, the rate of homosexual attraction is 620 times higher among pedophiles."5

Another 2000 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that". . . all but 9 of the 48 homosexual men preferred the youngest two male age categories" for sexual activity;' These age categories were fifteen and twenty years old.6

Yet another recent study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that "Pedophilia appears to have a greater than chance association with two other statistically infrequent phenomena. The first of these is homosexuality . . . Recent surveys estimate the prevalence of homosexuality, among men attracted to adults, in the neighborhood of 2%. In contrast, the prevalence of homosexuality among pedophiles may be as high as 30-40%."7

A 1989 study in the Journal of Sex Research noted that " . . . the proportion of sex offenders against male children among homosexual men is substantially larger than the proportion of sex offenders against female children among heterosexual men . . . the development of pedophilia is more closely linked with homosexuality than with heterosexuality."8

A 1988 study of 229 convicted child molesters published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 86% of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.9

In a 1984 Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy article, sex researchers found that "The proportional prevalence of [male] offenders against male children in this group of 457 offenders against children was 36 percent."10

Homosexual activists Karla Jay and I Allen Young revealed in their 1979 Gay Report that 73% of all homosexuals I have acted as "chicken hawks" - that is, they have preyed on adolescent or younger boys.11

In a 1992 study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, sex researchers K. Freud and R. I. Watson found that homosexual males are three times more likely than straight men to engage in pedophilia, and that the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested.12

A study by sex researchers Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg found that 25% of white homosexual men have had sex with boys sixteen years and younger.13........." (unquote from Catholic Culture)

Read the FULL article from Catholic Culture here:

Sources 4-13 FOLLOW HERE

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From an NIH posted abstract description:

" Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the proportion of true pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders against children, and taking into consideration previously reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually."

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