Defending the family

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Marquitta R. Ford Faces phony charges for protesting LGBT agenda at Georgia State Capitol.


As MASS RESISTANCE reported back in February, Marquitta R. Ford, a courageous Georgia MassResistance activist, was arrested and jailed - and given humiliating treatment by the authorities - after legally protesting against the LGBT agenda in front of the Georgia State Capitol. She had been demonstrating on the same spot - a public sidewalk - for nearly three months and had previously been assured by police that it was legal to be there.

MASS RESISTANCE and Marquitta Ford needed help and Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio responded.

Mass Resistance reports:

An activist comes to the rescue!

..................As Marquitta's April 25 arraignment date got closer with no lawyer in place, we realized that we would need to hire one for her. But who would we get? Even in Georgia, most attorneys are so pro-LGBT that Marquitta would never get their full effort - if they took the case at all.

Then we got a call from Eugene Delgaudio. Eugene is president of the pro-family group Public Advocate of the US, which is based in Virginia. Eugene gets our MassResistance emails, was very upset at what happened to Marquitta, and asked how she was doing. When we mentioned that we desperately needed to find her an attorney who would represent her properly, Eugene didn't hesitate. He jumped into action.

Eugene got a list of all the criminal defense attorneys in Georgia. He spent many hours researching their backgrounds and where they practiced. He came up with a list of likely family-friendly lawyers who practiced in Fulton County (where Atlanta is located). He relentlessly contacted them with the details of Marquitta's case. (He did this all simply as a volunteer!) Three of them responded positively. One of them, Larry Kohn, seemed particularly enthusiastic to help Marquitta. He talked to her and she was immediately impressed........................