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Obama Holdover U.S. Ambassador To Ghana Warns: Three Million Homosexuals in Ghana

Eugene Delgaudio responded to absurd warning from Obama holdover Ghanna's U.S. Ambassador Robert Jackson that there are 3 million homosexuals in that country's population (posted March 11 through March 18 2018).

"Wacky and zany population estimates based on contrived and fabricated pop culture has been shown to be closer to 2 per cent and 3 per cent in census numbers and more accurately to be lower in most areas of the United States outside of San Franscisco, California and New York City, so this out of the blue assault on a U.S. ally in Africa is not appreciated. Call this crazy propagandist home now, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, in a tweet to President Donald Trump.

Note: The Ambassador claims 10 per cent of the Ghana population is homosexual in a recent interview. The world bank lists the population of Ghana at 29.2 million so that would be approximately 3 million homosexuals according the U.S. Ambassador.

My Joy On Line reports (a Ghana news and radio network source)

United States Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, wants Ghanaians to be conscious of the rights of homosexuals and treat them equally as heterosexuals.

According to him, contrary to the belief that only a handful of Ghanaians are gays, their numbers may actually be higher.

"Statistics indicate that probably 10% of people are born gay. I think there are far more gays in Ghana than Ghanaians realize but because of societal attitudes, they keep their sexuality very private," the U.S envoy said on current affairs show '21 Minutes with KKB'.

Discussion on gay rights in Ghana is always a controversial topic as many Ghanaians hold the view that homosexual acts are alien to the country's cultural values.

The law in Ghana also frowns 'unnatural carnal knowledge', a term that has come to mean sexual intercourse between same-sex couples, particularly males.

Ghanaweb reports Reactions: covered the reactions of Ghanaians on the subject, and can report thus:

A lot of Ghanaians- quite a lot of Ghanaians to be clear and for emphasis- felt deeply about his comments and many took to social media platforms facebook, twitter and whatsapp (groups), to express their views, majority, using uncharitably offensive language.

Many were of the opinion that the US Ambassador had no right to decide for Ghanaians what they should accept or reject, some pointing to the fact that the US President Mr Donald Trump is against gay rights and whether that made him "myopic" too.

Yet another group held the opinion that gay rights and homosexuality is "alien to our culture", and "unacceptable" to Ghana under whatever circumstances, and if tied to aid, we did rather starve.

Please note, most of these opinions were expressed in plain, foul language.

There was yet another group who sought to spin politics on the Ambassador's remarks, while a third, smaller group agreed that there was the need to grant gays their basic human rights as what two adults decide to do behind closed doors with their bodies should be none of anybody's business, so far as it hurts no one and is not rape; they expressed hope that the U.S Ambassadors 10-year timeline will come to pass sooner than he envisaged. For this group of people, they were lumped together with the Ambassador and homosexuals in being at the receiving end of insults of all colours.

Many Ghanaians on social media also disputed the assertion of the US Ambassador that there are more gays than known and many more afraid to show up.

Who is Ambassador Robert Jackson?


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