Defending the family

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Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said " I am long familiar with the group MassResistance as a legitimate educational group using public forums and public outreach in a peaceful manner for years. As early as 2000, Public Advocate protested the nomination of Paul Cellucci for Ambassador to Canada due to the timely public education program of MassResistance and they have reliably documented their exposes and allegations of homosexual propaganda aimed at children."

"Regarding CPAC and the threat of homosexuals taking advantage of any welcome or sponsorship, I recommend caution and genuine avoidance to their political solicitations. There is nothing "conservative" about the homosexual lobbies, platforms or attacks on pro-family people like this wrongful expulsion of MassResistance. "

Youtube used as "reason" for conservative CPAC to go "gay" as posted 3 year old video from
2015 with MassRisistance head Brian Camenker comments about the "culture war".

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference first accepted a large payment for a booth
and the group reserved air travel and hotel rooms for the conference this week.

MassResistance reports;

"But on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 8, we got a phone call from Dan Schneider. He told us that he had decided to rescind our approval. He said it was because of remarks made by Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, in a video posted in 2015.

The video is of a panel discussion at the Stand4Truth Conference in Salt Lake City in Nov. 2015. It's titled, "The Truth About Adulterated Doctrine" - how flawed theology subverts the pro-family battles. It includes Dr. Michael Brown, Pastor Dave Welch, Stephen & Janice Graham, and Brian Camenker. It was moderated by Sandy Rios, American Family Association radio host and former president of Concerned Women for America.

In the discussion, Camenker describes the latest chilling horrors of the pro-transgender policies that school officials in Massachusetts are imposing on children, how parents are kept in the dark, and how anyone who disagrees will be punished. His discussion of the transgender agenda in schools continues later when there are questions from the audience.

One of the audience questions involved how we should treat our adversaries in this battle. This brings up a major division in the pro-family movement. How should we react to these school officials who are pushing this evil on innocent, vulnerable children, which could affect their lives forever? Or to a librarian who brings in a cross-dresser in order to confuse 4-year-olds? Or doctors who enthusiastically help confused and deluded teenagers "change" their sex?

Two of the panelists stated that we should only deal with those school officials and others "respectfully," telling them the "truth in love."

Camenker said that he disagrees with that. This is a culture war, he said, not a church service. If you want them to actually stop, you have to mean business, including being "insulting and degrading" to these sleazy people if necessary. "I think that we're misguided in our approach sometimes," Camenker said. Sandy Rios then interjected, agreeing with Camenker. "I actually think you're right, Brian. I think that evangelicals have gotten a little bit soft and not understood warfare." (unquote)