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New York City: Open Public Recruiting of Children For Homosexual Lifestyle In Full Swing

Red State posts:

Somehow, the sexualization of children is just fine if it falls in line with the LGBT community guidelines of "openness" and "tolerance" toward what they deem is progressive. Case in point, a drag show joint is opening up in New York City that caters exclusively to children, and somehow no adults are allowed.

According to Daily Mail, the club is being opened by ten year old Desmond Napoles of Brooklyn, who also goes by the name "Desmond is Amazing." His mother told "Out" that he is an LGBT activist, even at his young age. He has also apparently "come out," but is not sexually active.

Apparently, Napoles has made a name for himself on the drag circuit, and has been promoted by various mainstream sources such as Elle and sites like Refinery 29.

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From the Daily Mail

Drag clubs are nothing new in New York City - but it took a 10-year-old to dream up the first drag club for children.

Desmond Napoles from Brooklyn in New York City is better known by his drag name, Desmond is Amazing. Though still quite young, he first expressed an interest in dressing up in drag as a toddler and has become somewhat of a celebrity on the drag circuit.