Defending the family

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Dear Alabama, Please Save America and the World Today!

Message of Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate sent at 6 AM Today December 12 2017:

Permission to quote in whole or part given in advance (our phone is 703-845-1808)

Roy Moore has become the biggest story in America and the world the last few weeks.

And your Public Advocate has been on the forefront of this whole fight from the beginning.

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies have conspired to smear Moore's name with false accusations in order to derail his campaign at the last moment.

Every day, more evidence of this fraud and collusion is uncovered.

Today is our last chance to help Moore overcome the lies being lobbed at him by the media and the Homosexual Lobby.

There's no time to waste.

Sent earlier to supporters:

The Homosexual Lobby has tried to derail him.

Mitch McConnell and the Establishment Republicans betrayed him.

But Public Advocate and the pro-Family Movement have steadfastly stood behind Roy Moore and his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Judge Moore has denied each and every one of the lascivious allegations levied against him.

And more evidence emerges every day that these attacks were personally motivated lies.

After all, one doesn't serve as a defender of justice for decades without making some enemies.

In all my years in politics, I've never seen the "system" try this hard to discredit a pro-Family champion.

Public Advocate has gone to all out political war on Roy Moore's behalf to defeat this carefully calculated character assassination.

We've run millions of Internet ads asking Conservative Americans to stand with Roy Moore.

Ads just like this one.

And our perseverance has paid off.

As his situation grew ever darker, our support for him buoyed Roy Moore's spirits and kept him in his campaign -- determined to fight harder than ever.

With the awareness and support we raised, we convinced President Trump to tentatively and then fully endorse Moore for the Senate seat.

And now McConnell and the Establishment Republicans have been forced to completely retract their opposition to Moore!

When the liberal Washington Post first broke this "story," McConnell immediately cut off GOP funding to the Moore Campaign -- hoping to starve him into quitting the race.

But the outpouring of grassroots support for Moore has shown that McConnell is completely unqualified to serve as the majority leader of the Senate.

We've embarrassed McConnell so badly that he was forced to reverse his attacks on Moore and state "I'm going to let the people of Alabama make the call."

The whole country is watching this race with an intensity that no one would have predicted a year ago.

The Homosexual Lobby knows conservative Roy Moore will be a strong spirtual and outspoken Godly opponent to their perverse agenda.

McConnell and the Establishment know Moore will be a wrecking ball to their carefully crafted compromises and sell-out deals.

Mainstream Media is learning the hard way that they can't force pro-Family and Christian Americans to vote how they want us to.

It's not a crime to believe in Real (1 Man + 1 Woman) Marriage or to stand fast on Biblical truths.

And Public Advocate is not going to let the Left destroy a righteous man's reputation over his Christian principles.

I know I can count on you to stand with me in this fight.

The election is in just two days. (updated)