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The Left Will Do Anything to Stop Roy Moore, And We Are Not Buying It!

Original poss Nov. 10, Repost Nov. 14

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate in a message to his supporters wrote the following:


While Public Advocate abhors, condemns, and lobbies for stronger enforcement against sexual misconduct in all forms, and believes accusations of rape, sexual assault and child-molesting must be approached with absolute conviction towards the pursuit of justice; the charges that have been raised against Judge Roy Moore are politically charged and highly suspect at best.

Judge Roy Moore has a solid, career long track-record of conduct beyond reproach. And it was not until the media and the political establishment started coming to grips with the fact that Roy Moore is very likely to be Alabama's next U.S. Senator, that any accusations of sexual misconduct were raised against Judge Moore. Why has nothing ever been said over the many decades since these incidents supposedly took place? Why only now, when they have the power to derail Judge Moore's chances at winning a senate seat?

If these women were in fact harmed, they have our deepest sympathies. But the timing of these accusations should lead any reasonable person to conclude that the accusations are false. Which makes it all the more troubling that the GOP Establishment has so readily latched onto these lurid charges by immediately suggesting Roy Moore be removed from the December ballot.

Despite former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's claim, "innocent until proven guilty" is not just for formal criminal charges. Roy Moore has done more than enough to earn the benefit of the doubt from conservative, morally-minded Americans. And it is our duty to stand by him until hard evidence informs us otherwise.

This same tactic was used against President Trump to distract his campaign in the last few weeks run-down to the election. Nothing substantial came from those charges, and Public Advocate feels confident that nothing will come from the charges against Roy Moore.

The Left will do anything it takes to prevent a pro-Family champion like Moore being elected to the U.S. Senate. And the GOP is willing to swallow any story it takes to keep Moore from upsetting their program of appeasement and compromise.

It's a cruel irony that the Left is so eager to lynch a good man over suspicious accussations, while they have protected known serial-rapists in elite Hollywood circles and even within political office for decades.

Former President Bill Clinton has never faced any justice for his countless and well-documented acts of sexual assault and rape against women; nor an investigation into allegations of even darker habits.

Hillary Clinton was not only excused for her role in punishing the women who dared name her husband as their rapist, but she was praised as a champion of women.

We cannot and will not allow these baseless accusations distract us from the horrible stories emerging -- based in fact -- regarding the Left's deplorable behavior. The Left is more than willing to turn a blind-eye to substantiated reports of rape and child-molesting, when the perpetrators are homosexuals, transsexuals or strong political allies. The hypocrisy is sickening.

Our prayers are with Roy Moore during this diffcult time and we are trusting in the Lord that the truth will out. "