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Public Advocate, Other Ministries Attacked By Southern Poverty Law Center AGAIN

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said "The Southern Poverty Law Center is filled with scummy low life practioners of the art of slander and backstabbing falsehoods that seeks to drive Christianity and moral values from the public debate in America.

The SPLC is the destructive arm of the Homosexual Lobby and will fail in their attempts to promote wreckless acts, potential murder attempts on me and other Christians and they will also fail with their other wrongful libels and hysterical mistruths about our peaceful programs."

And yet another group was attacked at the same time:

"Leftist Agenda Attacks Christian Ministry's Online Donations"

- Secularists have used several tactics to attack Christian bakeries, filmmakers, and more. Now they have a universal weapon against Christian businesses: online payment providers. Most recently, biblical worldview ministry American Vision, Inc. reports being targeted.

This week American Vision's ( president, Dr. Joel McDurmon, reported "a major online payment service, Stripe Payments, refuses to allow American Vision to use its services for donations due to an alleged violation of its Terms of Service. This constitutes a major setback to our recurring donations and future finances."

McDurmon continues: "This is now the FIFTH major company or service to terminate with us for the same reason. It began with Amazon Smile, which rejected us from its charitable services program because American Vision is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center's ridiculous and notoriously biased 'hate group' list which is used to target conservative Christian organizations who dare to stand up for truth, liberty, and justice."

Then PayPal followed.

The most recent attacks came after CNN promoted the SPLC's list, which includes American Vision. Almost coincidentally, Apple Pay refused service. Briefly afterward, Stripe refused as well. Then Facebook removed their store which is powered by Stripe.

Each of the services' letters of notice allege only a vague, unspecified infraction. When asked for explanation, all communication stops. Were the infractions legitimate, the only way a client could fix them would be if they were specified. The refusal to communicate suggests there are ulterior motives.

McDurmon states, "THEY WANT TO SHUT US DOWN BY REFUSING PAYMENT SERVICES TO US. They control the pipeline, and they wish to cut off our supply of funds."

"The supply of funds is of course the lifeline for any ministry. What they've done to American Vision they could do to any ministry they disagree with. Is there any recourse? "
says McDurmon.