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Proven LEGAL Memo to Fire, Dismiss, Eliminate 100,000 Bureaucrats In One Swoop

Morton Blackwell, President of Leadership Institute has written a secret memorandum to a select group of conservatives explaining how to quickly reduce the number of government employees and save billions of dollars:

Blackwell, according to reliable sources, wrote:

"The Trump Administration is off to a rocky start in some of its Cabinet and sub-cabinet agencies for two reasons: (1) It has not always followed our "Personnel is Policy" rule and, (2) because most of Trump's key people lack institutional knowledge from the Reagan years on how to take charge of the bureaucracy.

To solve (2), I have arranged to have published for you an abridged memoir by key Reagan aide Donald Devine who ran Reagan's civil service -- saving billions of dollars and disposing of more than 100,000 bureaucrats.

This book is chocked full of critical information on how to manage the bloated federal bureaucracy and how to make bureaucrats respond to the wishes of the American people as they voted last November."

The book in PDF form is without cost to you (at this secret portal for a limited time), he tells a select group of conservatives in the secret memorandum.

On a related topic, sources tell Public Advocate that methods of staff reduction are being put in place but not being publicized. Staff reductions for White House staff have been publicized as 100 positions are noting being filled at a savings of $25 million according to published reports.

Some estimates place numbers as 5,000 to 10,000 federal positions being eliminated but not the scale of Dr. Donald J. Devine in the Reagan administration as referred to by Morton Blackwell.