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Public Advocate Releases Results of Pro-family Senate Survey in Alabama Special Election August 15

"Today August 14, Public Advocate releases the results of our pro-family survey in the Special election in Alabama Tuesday August 15. Four candidates responded and we thank them for showing an interest in the pro-family issues raised by Public Advocate. Seven Republicans and Democrats did not respond to our pro-family survey and they are rated "zero" for their non-response. As the process unfolds in Alabama, Public Advocate has now recorded for the public the responses," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

11 Senate Candidates in both major parties were mailed and emailed multiple times the Candidate survey from Public Advocate.

Four candidates responded to the Public Advocate survey: Randy Brinson, Roy Moore, Bryan Peeples and Luther Strange ,all Republicans.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "We thank the respondees and Public Advocate thanks these four candidates for expressing an interest in defending the family on the record when asked."

The following candidates did not respond to the Public Advocate Pro-family survey and all recieve an automatic zero percent rating. "Seven Republican and Democratic candidates earned a zero rating and seem not to be interested in defending the American family when asked on the record," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Contacted by both email and regular mail July 6-July 20 with deadline of August 1.

Dominic Gentile, Republican
Mary Maxwell, Republican
Trip Pittman, Republican
Van Cadwell, Democratic
Michael Hansen, Democratic
Charles Nana,Democratic
Mo Brooks, Republican

Contacted by mail only
Jason Fisher, Democratic
Doug Jones, Democratic
Robert Kennedy, Jr., Democratic

All other candidates on the August 15 ballot had no contact information available as of the time
of the preparation of the survey.

Backgound on the Public Advocate survey program. Since the year 2000, PA sends out questionaires to candidates for Congress, the Senate and for President. The results of the survey program are published, distributed to as many as one million citizens at a time in state and national races using social media, mailed postcards and internet messages.

Public Advocate separately and independent of the candidates, and the survey program, has conducted independent expenditures for and against candidates for federal office with filings at the Federal Election Commission.