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Public Advocate and One Million American Moms: Charge Teen Vogue With Child Abuse


In a letter being circulated among Public Advocate advisers and supporters, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said:

"The actions by "Teen Vogue" to promote explicit anal sex to young girls ages 11 to 17 is a clear case of mass obscenity aimed at impressionable underaged young Americans and should be treated as a case that requires immediate attention by investigation, lawful arrest, charging and punishment handed out to anyone else who knowingly sends explicit obscene solicitations to young people in this country, " says Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate.

"This legal prosecution can be carried out on behalf of any impacted victim from any locality under the auspices of any law enforcement agency at the local level up to and including the federal government based on the blanket mass mailing and use of postal mail in a widespread manner if this actually occured as reported, " said Eugene Delgaudio.

The Christian Post reports:

Activist Mommy': Teen Vogue's Sex Guide Would Be Crime If Texted to Minors

The conservative Christian mother behind "The Activist Mommy" Facebook page has said that she's received both overwhelming support and hate for a posting a video in which she's seen burning a copy of Teen Vogue magazine after it published an article encouraging children to experiment with anal sex.

"It's been overwhelming," said Elizabeth Johnston, an Ohio homeschool mother of 10, in a CBN News interview she posted on Monday.

"I've had overwhelming support, and overwhelming hate," she added of her July 13 video, which as of Tuesday morning has over 9.3 million views.

"Here you have adults peddling this sexual information to minors, to children as young as 12 years old. If the author of this article, Gigi Engle, if she were to text the contents of this article to a 12 year old, she could be prosecuted," Johnston alleged.

The Teen Vogue article offers detailed suggestions to young girls about anal sex and claims that it's enjoyable activity that everyone's doing.

Some women's rights advocates have slammed the magazine for minimizing the risks and physical harms associated with anal sex.

"This is porn culture completely normalized and mainstreamed," Dawn Hawkins, senior vice president and executive director of the National Center of Sexual Exploitation in Washington, D.C., told The Christian Post last week.

Johnston, who in the past has accused Facebook of censoring her page for posting messages about the Bible and homosexuality and sin, said in her CBN interview that Teen Vogue is "teaching children 11 through 17 ... how to be safely sodomized."

Johnston explained that she was outraged after a number of parents sent her the Teen Vogue article.

This video has now nearly 10 million views: