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Ex-Gay Is Here to Stay: The whole myth of homosexuality being "forever" is wrong

Townhall has posted this opinion piece:

For 11 years, the Truth Wins Out website aggressively attacked those who claimed to be ex-gay, along with individuals and organizations that supported ex-gays. Last month, Wayne Besen, the founder of Truth Wins Out, announced that he was closing shop because, he claimed, "we accomplished our major goals."

What, exactly, were those goals? Wayne writes, "We helped expose and ultimately vanquish (with the help of other heroes) major 'ex-gay' programs including Love Won Out, Exodus International, and JONAH." Still, he reluctantly notes, "similar programs will always exist, as charlatans will provide a supply of snake oil to fill a demand."

The reality is quite the opposite. It is true that some specific networks and ministries no longer exist. But it is more and more common for local churches to help individuals struggling with same-sex attraction, meaning that this is not only a specialist ministry.

Not only so, but the ultimate reason Exodus closed was because it lost sight of its mission, which was helping men and women deal with unwanted same-sex attraction. That's why the most important organizations that were affiliated with Exodus left before it closed. And that's why those organizations are still going strong to this day.

In fact, new groups like Restored Hope Network have risen up in place of Exodus, and they are not selling snake oil. They are selling the truth of the gospel, namely, that Jesus can help and change anyone and everyone. He does not exclude homosexuals from His transforming love.

Professional counselors and therapists have seen great results too, and they continue to network together to help those who struggle.

There's something else that has happened, making it more difficult for organizations like Truth Wins Out to raise funds and continue their work. More and more people have friends, family members, and co-workers who are ex-gay, and so it's becoming increasingly difficult to deny their existence.....

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