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Colin Kaepernick and NFL Continue Suicide of Football

New Age, in their nicest manner, says Colin Kaepernick promises to behave and stop his anti-USA demonstrations if he is paid off. Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio: "The NFL continues to erode the patriotic base and will continue to lose audience share and encourage normal people to avoid their "shows" of anti-USA political correctness."

Breitbart, which seems also increasingly polite, reports on the New Age disinformation piece which refuses to admit they are whacko liberals pushing their propaganda on angry fans.

Brietbart reports:

After a nearly double-digit ratings freefall last year, the NFL experiences a lighter than expected demand for advertising buys for the upcoming season.

"A number of factors have conspired to cast a bit of a pall over this year's NFL market, which some insiders say is the softest since the Great Recession of 2008," Ad Age points out. "For example, a number of marquee clients have slashed their pro football spend, while a few load-bearing categories aren't committing anywhere near as many dollars to the NFL as they did a year ago.

A source for Ad Age estimates a two percent to four percent increase in the price of commercials. Declines in demand for advertising from automobiles, movies

The article avoids mention of Colin Kaepernick, and several other players, who protested the national anthem in 2016 by refusing to rise as adversely impacting the league's bottom line.

Fans repeatedly cited Kaepernick's protest as the top cause of their disinterest in football in 2016. In a Seton Hall poll, for instance, fans cited the anti-anthem protests as the top reason for tuning out NFL broadcasts.

NFL ratings declined by nine percent in 2016.

Penalties for hits once considered clean, rules largely negating the excitement of kick returns, referee involvement slowing the pace of the game, the suspension of Tom Brady for four games and the retirement of Peyton Manning, and players making a political football of football all come up as reasons for the ratings drop. "

Hat tip to Free Republic