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Guidestar and SPLC told Stop Trying to Kill Christians and Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio

Guidestar is a non-profit that posts financial information about other non-profits and in recent weeks has been assisting the Southern Poverty Law Center in SPLC's long time efforts to promote the reckless defamation, libel and targeting of Christians for attacks through the wrongful designation of many peaceful educational policy groups as "hate-groups".

Public Advocate is one of several groups including Family Research Council targeted by the SPLC and now Guidestar.

44 groups recently wrote Guidestar requesting they stop promoting the reckless endangerment of innocent Christians in the peaceful promotion of pro-God beliefs. Guidestar said they would remove hate group listings in cooperation with SPLC "temporarily".

Public Advocate, through legal counsel, has told Guidestar, in part:


".................First, you state that you will continue to "make this information available to any user on request." That indicates that you are continuing to defame Public Advocate and the other groups - only less publicly.

This is unacceptable.

Second, you explain that you are removing these designations "only for the time being," apparently reserving the right to reinstitute the warning labels on the organizational pages whenever you choose. This, too, is unacceptable...................

As you may know, not only does SPLC maintain a list of groups with which it disagrees that it labels "hate groups," but also it maintains a "hate map," showing the precise locations across the country of those organizations against which SPLC holds a vendetta.

It was this list that was referenced by Floyd Lee Corkins, a radical leftwing terrorist who, armed with a handgun, attempted to enter the Family Research Council headquarters to kill as many people as he could. Corkins was stopped only by a "good guy with a gun" - an armed 5 security guard who, despite being shot himself, detained Corkins until police arrived. Indeed, 6 it was reported that "Corkins had identified his targets using the Southern Poverty Law Center's web site." Corkins was carrying over a dozen sandwiches from Chick-fil-A (a 7 business having traditional, Christian, family-oriented values) which he intended to smear in the faces of his dead victims.

What you may not know, however, is that Public Advocate was also on Corkins' list of targets.

In fact, before he attacked the Family Research Council, Corkins was spotted first in a Sterling, Virginia Chick-fil-A frequented by Public Advocate's president, Mr. Delgaudio, the Sterling District Supervisor in Loudoun County. Corkins then stalked the Public Advocate offices - attempting to find and kill him. By smearing its political opponents that it designates as "hate groups," SPLC seeks to delegitimize not only their causes - but also them as individuals. Although claiming to fight violence, SPLC actually promotes it - against those who get in the way of its rabidly left-wing ideology................

...................Guidestar should not permit this organization (SPLC) to use the Guidestar website as a platform from which to spew its hate. On behalf of Public Advocate, we truly wish that Guidestar and SPLC would stop "using their nonprofit designations to advance hateful agendas!" We hope that Guidestar comes to its senses and distances itself from the inflammatory, hateful, and divisive rhetoric of SPLC...................."