Defending the family

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Public Advocate reported this earlier, June 7, on Candada's bill 89 which would jail parents of children improperly raised by Christian and moral standards. This news report deals with another law "Bill C-16" which deals with the even broader topic of thought and the "wrong words".

American Thinker, a reputable conservative policy souce, reports:

Do you think imposing so-called transgenderism on children as a sexual norm might be harmful to their moral development? Do you question the legitimacy of using made up so-called gender-neutral pronouns as replacements for the standard English words "he" and "she"?

If you answered yes, or even maybe, to either of those questions, then, as of today, you are in violation of Canada's Human Rights Code, and subject to fines, re-education, or - should you refuse comply and repent - prison time.

Canada's Senate has passed a "controversial" (read: fascistic) new law, Bill C-16, which adds "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the nation's hate crime laws - Canada being a world leader in legislating who should be hated and who shouldn't - thus effectively making it a crime for a business owner to "discriminate" on the basis of not wanting his male employee to wear a dress, or for a teacher not to use a nonexistent, politically correct pronoun whenever a student tells her to. More generally, it makes a hate criminal of anyone who openly expresses a view not perfectly compliant with the zeitgeist on gender identity, transgenderism, or what have you. The debate is now, officially and legally, over.


In other words, a postmodern, nihilistic, neo-Marxist pseudo-theory of sexual identity and systemic oppression, dreamt up by some pretentious careerist professor of "queer studies" climbing out of the academic slime somewhere five years ago, has officially been declared the unassailable Absolute Truth by Justin Trudeau's government. Unassailable as in "alternative views will not be given a hearing." Unassailable as in "heretics will be burned."