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Rachel Maddow, Bernie Sanders, CNN Wants US all on a list. Is Your Name on their "List"?

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate said today:

The gunman had a hit list for the Congress of the United States.

Floyd Lee Corkin, the convicted domestic terrorist had a hit list also with my name in the number one position. He got the list from the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate list".

Bernie Sanders did not know me or Public Advocate but Rachel Maddow did rant and rave that her eyes bleed when she reads our website, prior to the planned attack on me and other pro-family leaders.

Corkin stalked my offices, my staff and my publicly announced daily "political" projects. He waited hours for me as recorded on video tapes. The shooter of Congress had a list too." said Delgaudio.

Delgaudio also said, to thousands of supporters, on June 17:

"A few years back, an agent of the Homosexual Lobby came looking to end my life and the lives of my staff.

It was only by the grace of God that his efforts failed.

So when I tell you that the violent attack on our conservative Congressmen and Senators was nothing new from the Left, you can believe I know from experience.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen Hollywood celebrities championing the bloody and brutal murder of our President, Donald Trump.

And just days before one of his campaign volunteers would try to assassinate conservatives in Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders shocked the country when he demanded that Christians be treated as enemies of America.

"They are not what this country is SUPPOSED to be about."

It should come as no surprise that this Alexandria shooter tried to remove dozens of conservative and pro-Family Congressmen from office in the most radical way -- by killing them.

This is the same kind of hate-filled rhetoric that convinced Floyd Lee Corkins to go on a shooting spree in 2012 to destroy the pro-Family Movement.

The Alexandria assassin has put a pro-Family advocate in the hospital...

...and Rep. Steve Scalise is still fighting for his life.

Not to mention the many other allies of Public Advocate who almost met the same fate that dreadful day.

It was very nearly a massacre.

It was only by the grace of God that Rep. Scalise was there with his armed escort -- the Capitol Police officers who defended our representatives and stopped the gunman.

It's the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders, liberal politicians, Hollywood, and the Homosexual Lobby that is to blame for the Alexandria shooting and the pattern of violence towards pro-Family Americans.

But the policies of the Obama administration opened the door to this Christian persecution.

The Thought Control Act of 2009 set the precedent that laws would now favor radicals and perverts, while disadvantaging Christians and other pro-Family Americans.

That act made us second-class citizens.

Under that law and similar state laws, businesses have been bankrupted and lives ruined.

People have even been sent to jail over their support of Real Marriage.

All this has only whet the appetites of deranged Leftists and convinced them that "anything goes" when it comes to pushing their radical agenda.

Congress needs to heed this wake-up call and take immediate action to deflate the violence of the Homosexual Lobby.

America must protect the freedom of speech and Religious Liberty we used to enjoy -- the protections we are supposed to be guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Please sign my petition demanding religious liberty for all in America, the way it used to be," Delgaudio said.