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Pittsburgh Police Revolt at Attempt To Use Police to Promote Gay lifestyle

Radical gay lobbyists are shutting down Christian police officers by forcing them to parade endorsement of the gay lifestyle while they also work and fight crime," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Pittsburg Action 4 news reports:

In an email obtained by Pittsburgh's Action News 4, Assistant Chief Larry Scirotto addresses the issue with lieutenants and sergeants saying it's been brought to his attention that some officers are making disparaging comments about this specific decal..................

Scirotto goes on to explain the decals were discussed and agreed upon by the chiefs as a way to "acknowledge special occasions for the department and communities we serve." He says the idea was focused around diversity and after "careful consideration, we decided we could celebrate various events and convey a positive message to ALL communities."

FOP President Bob Swartzwelder released this statement Friday night:

"A marked police vehicle represents neutrality in the enforcement of the law. Professional Police work improves community relations not car decals. Eventually a radicalized group will seek it's [sic] community inclusion and raise a 1st Amendment issue. When denied it's [sic] place on the publicly funded vehicle a content based law suit will arise. This action by the police Bureau is a slippery slope. Focus on professional police work...not car decals."