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Snowflake Liberals Crazed, Upset Black Miss USA " anti-feminist Scientist! "

Twitter is very upset over the new Miss USA's comments on feminism

Radical feminists and leftists of every stripe are breaking up social media today over the comments by Miss USA.

MSN. com reports:

We've officially got a new Miss USA, and she's an incredibly accomplished winner even without a crown. Kára McCullough, Miss District of Columbia was crowned 2017's Miss USA last night, but she has already earned herself plenty of social media foes after her answer to questions about feminism.

The new Miss USA received backlash after calling herself an "equalist," as opposed to a feminist. The social media backlash was swift, with Twitter users expressing outrage over the responses.

McCullough was asked, "What do you consider feminism to be and do you consider yourself a feminist?"

She responded, "As a woman scientist in the government, I'd like to transpose the word feminism to equalism. I try not to consider myself this die-hard, like, I don't really care about men."

She further explained that she aims to inspire women to work towards leadership roles, especially in the sciences, but her response about feminism was perceived as dismissive of men and women who identify as feminists, furthering the stereotype that feminism is "man-hating" or "man-bashing."