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Tim Allen Warned Us All of Liberal Hollywood. Gets Beat Up. Boycott ABC in full swing

Tim Allen warned America repeatedly about evil Hollywood. Gets Beat Up.
ABC Boycott in full swing.

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He made jokes about it but he was very direct. On one late night show, he said emphatically that he went to the inauguration to help veterans at a charity and that yes he was a conservative but also warned you have to be careful.

"You have to be real careful arouind this town, you get beat up....if you don't believe what everybody believes in ....Its like 30s Germany where I don't know what happened if your not part of the group (using fingers for quoting "group") know what we believe is "right"....I might have a problem with that, you know I am a comedian, I like going on both sides...."

Now the ABC network has cancelled his successful comedy show in which he plays his conservative character as a conservative in a family of more moderate members and discussions revolve around his reactions which get him into trouble regularly.

One particular recent airing involved "snowflakes" the subject of 1000s of youtube, social media postings on twitter and facebook and still a hot topic. Public Advocate prepared a country music themed tribute video to Tim Allen and posted it and ironically within 24 hours, Tim Allen was "cancelled" .


Another Tribute Video to Tim Allen from March 26 2017 with 972,000 views+