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Liberals Condemn Catholic Elementary Schools For Rejecting Transgender Propaganda Play

Catholic Elementary schools in Canada at the grade level of 1-4 were scheduled to present an adult level propaganda play promoting transgender practices to young school children and only a quick joint effort by the school board members and the Knights of Columbus prevented it. Liberals are condemnning the protective reaction of these authorities.

"There is no limit to the garbage and slime that pro-homosexual and pro-transgender propagandists will attempt to slam or fraudently decieve innocent victims with in order to promote their twisted agenda," says Eugene Delgaudio


ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, May 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - The Niagara Catholic District School Board is facing a media spotlight and suggestions of "transphobia" for canceling performances of a play about gender identity that were booked in five elementary schools.

Produced by the St. Catharines-based Carousel Playhouse, which lists Pride Niagara as a community partner, the play is called Boys, Girls and Other Mythological Creatures and features an 8-year-old boy who dresses as a girl and questions his gender.

The cancellations came within 48 hours of the first performance of the play in the Catholic school district, for Grades 1 to 4 students at Mary Ward School on April 25.

That prompted Carousel Playhouse artistic director Jessica Carmichael and playwright Mark Crawford to post open letters on the theatre website questioning the board's motivation.

"In the play, Simon(e) feels boxed in by the restraints of gender," wrote Carmichael. "I fear these cancellations may be based on misinformation, grown out of fear, intolerance, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny."

Playwright Crawford, whose work includes a play about a homosexual couple setting up a bed and breakfast, was even more blunt.

"Simon is afraid of what will happen if they express who they really are," he wrote.

"I get afraid ... when the motivating factor for canceling performances of this play is a few adults' own fear, prejudice, and hatred."

And then Carmichael went to the press, because the board "would not speak to me," she told LifeSiteNews.

The story was picked up by the Globe and Mail on Tuesday, and by Thursday made it to the CBC and Reuters, much to playwright Crawford's delight, who tweeted the same day:

On Wednesday, Education director for the Niagara Catholic school board John Crucco released a statement that after the play's first performance at Mary Ward, "it was brought to the attention of the board" the play was "not age-appropriate for a predominantly primary audience."