Defending the family

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Eyes of Texas Upon You: Public Advocate supporters write Texas Representatives To Keep Men out of Women's Bathrooms

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate announced today actions to defend families against the assault by the homosexual lobby against women and children in Texas, and America's bathrooms.

"1,200 Texas citizens have signed 1,200 petitions to their Texas represenatives to suppport SB 6, the better version of a bill to prohibit men in women's bathrooms. PA supporters are being asked to call their representatives as well. The Senate passed SB 6 and the House version HB 2899 ( a watered down verision of SB 6) is being considered in a House committee this week. Public Advocate delivered all 1,200 petitions proportionally to all Senators and one large delivery to the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

On Monday, April 24, supporters of Public Advocate will contact their House of Representative member and they will be contacted regarding the 1,200 Texas citizens signing petitions supporting S B 6

On Monday Delgaudio will tell supporters, in part:

"Does Texas want men using women's bathrooms?

Or do you want women and little children protected from predators who will use so-called "transgender bathroom rights" as cover for their crimes?

Of course you want the latter.

You want private bathrooms and locker rooms protected.

And now's your chance to tell your Texas Representative exactly that.

Public Advocate is saturating the Texas Legislature with demands from pro-Family Texans that they support fully the Privacy Protection Act (SB 6).

The Privacy Protection Act would outlaw the "transgender bathroom agenda" being pushed in Texas by the Homosexual Lobby.

Radical politicians in many of the big cities have already demanded that public bathrooms throw out all guidelines with regard to gender.

They think anyone should be allowed to use any private facility -- solely based on their claim that they "feel different."

They think little girls should be forced to see grown men changing out in the open in locker-rooms or public showers.

They think it's perfectly normal for a fully biological male to hang out in a women's bathroom -- to intimidate them, spy upon them, or even wait for his moment to attack some helpless victim.

The Left thinks women should be powerless to complain about a dangerous pervert loitering in their private spaces.

Do you want to live in a state where you'll never know what's waiting for your little girl inside the next bathroom?


Then Click Here to find your Texas State Representative and CALL or EMAIL them right now.

Let them know you and the majority of Texas want immediate support for the Privacy Protection Act (SB 6), " said Delgaudio to Texas supporters of Public Advocate on Monday, April 24.

Delgaudio also said:

"Republicans in the House are trying to swap out SB 6 for a watered-down version, so it's up to you to make sure they support the real Privacy Protection Act.

Public Advocate has flooded the State Senate with support for SB 6 -- making sure that hesitant senators don't give up on SB 6 and throw their support behind the watered-down version instead.

The Senate has already passed SB 6, but it's not over till it's over. It's up to Public Advocate to make sure the right bill is sent to the governor's desk, " Delgaudio said (date: April 24).

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