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Boy Scouts Update: sexual abuse leads to $100 million civil judgment against former scout leader

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said:
"Public Advocate warned the Boy Scouts of America to keep out predators now one judgement of $100 million in a Missouri court, just a few days ago, shows how courts treat abuse of young men by adult homosexual predators in the Boy Scouts of America. Their horrible policy will reap similar judgements in the future."

Fox 4, Kansas City, TV news reports

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A former Boy Scout claims his former scout leader abused him for years, and at a civil trial, a judge agreed.

The judge issued a $100 million judgment against Scott Alan Bradshaw on Tuesday.

The victim in the case says it's still difficult to visit the Liberty Memorial, a place where the victim says many of approximately 2,000 sexual abuse encounters took place...............

"I can't stand him, I wish this would have never happened to me," the victim told FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien.

The "him" this victim refers to is Bradshaw, the man he says sexually abused him form the time this victim was 12 to 17 years old. The two met on a Boy Scout float trip, the victim a scout, Bradshaw a scout leader.................

..............Bradshaw's judgment is civil, and he hasn't been criminally charged in connection to the sexual abuse.

When the abuse was discovered, the victim says Bradshaw threatened the then 17-year- old boy. Still under his spell, the victim lied to authorities about what had been going on.

.............The victim says he knows he will never get $100 million, but he hopes this judgement will prompt a criminal investigation.

The Boy Scouts of America was also once named as a defendant in this case, but it was released by the judge. The victim still says the organization should have protected him from this predator.