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Homosexual Leaders Make Public, Strident, Statements About Routine Abuse of Young Boys On Massive Scale

Crisis Magazine, a moral pro-family publication reveals:

(After the Supreme Court installed gay marriage on America)............(some) homosexual power centers responded by pushing the transgender thing even though they had never really been interested before.

A cursory look at the New York Times demonstrates that there were next to no stories at all about transgenders per se until 2015 in the run-up to Obergefell. Stories went from one or two to more than 1,000 almost overnight.

Both responses had more to do with fundraising and keeping their issue before the public after they had swept the table at the Supreme Court. After all, gay couples could easily find other bakers and other photographers to decorate and commemorate their "nuptials."

The quite remarkable thing that has happened is they are now willing to talk openly about their way of life.

The execrable but nonetheless mainstream gay publication Advocate published a story-by a doctor no less-teaching youngsters how to train their bodies for sodomy. It makes for truly gruesome reading.

He writes, "I often tell patients that great bottoms have been doing it for quite some time, with many first experiencing it in their youth. Unfortunately, no one showed us the right way to bottom in our high school sexual education class. Still, it's never too late to learn, and we all enjoy new and positive sexual experiences. Here's my 101 guide to bottoming..."

The publication also ran a piece on how gay men should have regular pap smears for their backsides. Now, these pieces will not be seen outside the homosexual bubble, but even more out in the open are two shocking and revealing pieces just published in the more mainstream Huffington Post.

Feb. 20 Huffington Post (liberal leftist propaganda)

Keep in mind, if they did not think they had already won everything, they would not be willing to reveal the nasty underside of their way of life.

Chad Felix Greene begins "What Happens When Men Have Sex with Teenage Boys" with this rather arresting opening: "I had sex with a man as a teenager for the first time when I was 14." He says an older man approached him in a public library and essentially assaulted him. He liked it and kept going back for more. He writes the older man "guided me through the various sexual activities."

Greene goes on to describe his riotously sexual and dangerous teen years: "at 15 standing outside, alone, in empty parking lots at 1 a.m. waiting for complete strangers to pick me up for sex in their cars." By 16, he "had had dozens of sexual partners."

When he left high school he said he met more gay guys his own age and he was "shocked to discover nearly all of them had experienced the same thing."

Greene is now 34 and says he cannot imagine doing the same to a teen boy that was done to him. Even so, what he describes is commonplace, something gays hitherto would be loathe to admit.

Thank you Crisis Magazine and hat tip to Free Republic