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700,000+ Hear Delgaudio "Obama is a Child Molester"

Public Advocate opposed then President Barrack from visiting or ordering the nation's schools to host

his "presidential visits" when he made his first visit to an Arlington public school. Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio held a banner that said "Mr. President, Stay Away from our children".

We cited federal laws that outlawed this type of "child abuse" specifically forbidding any "federal executive official" from requiring "any" public school to allow them to interfere with their daily curriculum. Obama never did another national "School" address like that again.

This business of telling Obama to "stay away from our children" goes beyond that with Public Advocate again last year (and on other occassions) proving the Obama Administration lied about the number of people who complained to him or his Administration as we (Public Advocate) filed freedom of information requests about his executive orders on transgender issues and found out SIX (6) actual complaints were filed. That is not a lot.

Again, Public Advocate warned about Obama being near American children again in the schools.

The news video from CPAC, now 700,000+ views, is from a liberal news site and they left out 15 minutes of commentary and the above explaination. The news video Now This also left out their questions, which were "Why are you fixated with genitals". I responded "Actually, I have always considered (then) President Obama fixated with childrens' genitals." See video.