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Public Advocate Celebrates Withdrawn Obama Transgender "Appeal" in Court

In reaction to the decision announced by the Justice Department earlier this week, Eugene

Delgaudio said the following on Tuesday, Feb. 21 in a letter to his supporters: (in part)

"Obama's "transgender bathroom agenda" has just suffered a major blow.

President Trump has followed Public Advocate's advice to dump Obama's most controversial executive action: national "transgender" bathrooms for all public schools.

Obama's order was a backlash for the Biological Bathroom Bill that Public Advocate and our allies passed in North Carolina almost a year ago.

In order to scare people into supporting the "transgender agenda," Obama threatened to defund any school that maintained biological bathrooms for students and employees.

Immediately, numerous states joined together and filed a lawsuit against this outrageous action.

Texas Judge Reed O'Connor agreed with the complainants and issued an injunction to stop the order until arguments could be scheduled.

This injunction came just in time for the new school year so that no student was put in danger by the Obama order.

The Obama Administration appealed as expected, but oral arguments weren't scheduled to begin till mid-February.

And now, under President Trump, the Justice Department has withdrawn Obama's appeal.

This effectively leaves the matter closed, as this injunction against mandatory "transgender bathrooms" still stands.

Even more, this could have a significant effect on a related lawsuit that your Public Advocate is involved in.......................," Delgaudio said.