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Delgaudio Asks Supreme Court to Reject Limitless Definitions of Sexual Orientation, Nominee Gorsuch to observe?

Public Advocate lawyers filed a brief before the Supreme Court in the
Gloucester County School Board case which will have a formal hearing
March 28.

Sources tell Public Advocate that while it would be too early for Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed, he may attend the hearings as a guest at his own request or a member of the court may invite him as a guest.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said today:

"In the Glouchester County, Virginia case currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court: from page five of Public Advocate's amicus brief:

" Defining "sex" to equate to "gender identity," the (Appeals Court) panel turned the statute on its head, essentially permitting the DOE to repeal the statute through "interpretation."

One Texas federal judge already threw out the Obama regulations as not pertaining or relevant to any written federal regulation or law. (see elsewhere on this website: Justice Dept.leaves national Temporary Restraining Order in place)

My lawyers have filed a brief and I release it here today as accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court.


I will quote from the description possible of gender.

The definitions according to Facebook of sexual orientation and gender is limitless under the recent actions of Facebook the social site. The Appeals court in this jurisidiction removed the word "sex" in the dictionary definition in its current ruling.

You are an old out of date type of person -- obsolete-- if you think like the "old days" when Facebook had 58 slots and then later 71 descriptions for gender and sexual orientation.

If you want to understand "special rights" in the current bizarre arguments in public legal proceedings, you have to expand to "limitless" the definition of sexual orientation or gender.

We ask the Supreme Court to reject the limitless descriptions of transgender sexual orientation presented as fact to the Court which is logistically impossible to accomodate due to logic and financial restraints on any known budget or legal definitions known to mankind, " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

End of Statement from Eugene Delgaudio

Quote from Amicus Brief before the Supreme Court prepared by lawyers for Eugene Delgaudio in his capacity as President of Public Advocate regarding "sexual orientation" or gender having 58 gender options and 71 preferences on facebook previously but is now "limitless".

Today's Sex Smorgasbord - Something for

In a case such as this, even a statement of the
issue presented requires a definition of terms.
Generally, one's "sex" is defined as "a person's
biological status." Until the last few years, a person's
sex was generally considered an objective fact, but now
some assert that it is arbitrarily "assigned at birth."
The term "gender" historically was either used as a
synonym for "sex," or else referred to whether nouns in
Romance language denominate masculine, feminine,
or neuter. Today, however, "gender" is increasingly

described as "a person's private sense and subjective
experience," while one's "sexual orientation" is
defined as a person's "emotional and sexual attraction
to a particular sex or gender." In short, these days
"sex" is who you are, "gender" is how you feel
about who you are, and "sexual orientation" is who
you like.

Throughout human history, sex has been binary -
male or female. So-called "advances" in medicine
have provided an opportunity for some to create
confusion. Men these days can be surgically
manipulated to appear as women, and women as men,
through "sexual reassignment surgery." Scientists

claim to have developed artificial wombs, which
presumably could in the future be implanted into
males to allow them to "give birth." Researchers even
believe they could create a "male egg" so that two men
could "conceive" without the aid of a woman. And
"three parent babies" are now all the rage. One day
science may be able to clone individuals or enable a
person to manipulate biology to such a degree so as to
"conceive" a baby without the aid of another human
being - creating something of a high tech
hermaphrodite sex akin to the reproduction of the
common garden snail.

"Sexual orientation" generally was delineated into
heterosexual (straight) and homosexual
(gay/lesbian or "queer"). To that was added
"bisexual" (attracted to both men and women),
"pansexual" or "omnisexual" (attraction to all
genders), and "asexual" (not attracted to anyone or
anything). Indeed, some academics and activists

today question whether "zoophilia" (sexual attraction
towards animals) and "pedophilia" (sexual attraction
towards children) are legitimate sexual orientations,
reminiscent of the pederasty of ancient Greece. Large
interest groups have formed around this ever-changing
sexual nomenclature.

The idea of "gender" is evolving to the point where
it can encompass anything the mind can conceive.

In February of 2014, Facebook added 58 gender options
to its users' profiles. By June of that year, UK
Facebook users could select from 71 options. By
February of 2015, Facebook no longer defines gender
at all, allowing each person to choose one's own gender
instead of being "pigeon-holed" by only 71 options. In
a blank space provided, a Facebook user can become

any "gender" that one wishes, subject only to the limits
of expression on the ASCII keyboard. Perhaps one of
the most interesting genders offered is the Native
American "two-spirit" gender, which includes both
male and female elements. Although it is easy to be
diverted into gender studies, the task at hand is to
discover the meaning of "sex" as used in a federal
statute, not as used in an academic discussion.

(End of Quote from Amicus Brief filed)


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