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Politico Tries to Shake Truth! America expects Religious Liberty to be restored as promised.

Politico Propaganda twist? Trump Family members working
to Sink Executive Order Reversing Gay and Transgender Disasters Government wide

According to Politico: (which Public Advocate president comments on below)

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump helped lead the charge to scuttle a draft executive order that would have overturned Obama-era enforcements of LGBT rights in the workplace, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO.

A draft executive order on LGBT rights that outlines how to roll back former President Barack Obama's protections and expand legal exemptions based on religious beliefs has been circulating among journalists and worried progressive groups this week.

But two sources close to Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who have a record of supporting gay rights, said the couple favored putting out a clear statement from the president, promising to uphold the 2014 Obama executive order and stopping the momentum for the turnaround in its tracks.

On Tuesday night, (as reported widely) the White House released a statement saying that "President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community. President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election."

White House officials downplayed the turnaround, suggesting that the draft LGBT executive order would never have reached the president's desk for his signature. They described it as one of about 200 executive orders that were contemplated during the transition - some by outside groups, others by transition officials - and that it was never intended to be signed, even without pushback from Kushner, Ivanka Trump or anyone else.

But the statement did not quash the chatter completely.

Members of the religious right with ties to the Trump administration said they have been led to believe that some changes will still be forthcoming. "I think they're going to address the conflict that exists currently, which would preclude religious organizations from contracting with the federal government," Tony Perkins, CEO of the Family Research Council, said in an interview. "I feel confident that they have an appreciation of religious freedom, and I'm pretty certain they're going to address it. I'm talking to people in the Trump administration, and I know they understand the importance of this."

Perkins said that Vice President Mike Pence has been involved and is "clearly sensitive to this."

A Heritage Foundation official is quoted directly claiming Trump did not campaign on Religious freedom.

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Rest of politico report here:

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said "We do not support the action by President Trump making it harder for Christians to work in the federal government with his EO on federal employment this past week.

On the other hand, and, contrary to lies published daily in the major news media, and leaked by anti-family Trump hating journalists, President Trump has made clear he intends on both defending Christians and all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation from being targeted by domestic or foreign enemies.

He campaigned to defend Christians, our values and our beliefs, our Religious freedoms without compromise. He is working hard.

We trust President Trump when he says he is going to make sure Merry Christmas is said everywhere, and when he says wrongful actions against Christians in government or by government will end.

Public Advocate is seeking a variety of solutions to solve the anti-family assaults going on by US government entities right now against Christians. And most of the first two weeks's actions have been favorable for the most part with the biggest kick being the Supreme Court nomination. Most major news groups have manufactured fake news on a daily basis and
this is an example of fake news we will see often," said Delgaudio."