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North Carolina Times 8! Virginia, Alabama, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Washington, and South Carolina

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said the following to his national supporters:

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio

Permission granted in advance to quote in part or in full.

"Your Public Advocate is opposing bad liberals, defending Christian heros, or preparing long arguments in Courts to stop destructive anti-God vendettas against our values and innocent victims.

I am very busy opposing William Pryor as a potential Trump nominee to the Supreme Court, supporting 3 nominees for Cabinet positions: Sen. Sessions, Dr.Carson, Rep. Price , and asking my legal team to prepare legal briefs in a number of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts, and defending Christians being fired from jobs by anti-God "firing" squads.

Obama might be out, but Obama's agenda for nationwide "transgender bathrooms" is going strong.

Which is why more and more state legislatures are following the example of North Carolina to ban this agenda.

North Carolina's Biological Bathroom Bill became the key state-level fight during the election.

The whole nation watched as Public Advocate and the people of North Carolina rejected the Homosexual Lobby's demands that the bill be repealed.

While the incumbent governor lost by a narrow margin, the North Carolina state legislature maintains a veto-proof pro-Family majority.

Which means the Biological Bathroom Bill will remain the law of the land.

And now our Biological Bathroom Bill is spreading out across the country.

May God protect these brave legislators who lead these battles now.

Virginia, Alabama, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Washington, and South Carolina have all seen versions of the Biological Bathroom Bill introduced in their state legislatures.

These bills will require persons to use the bathroom or private facilities that actually match their biology.

But these bills require grass roots support. In Virginia, liberals killed the bill in a state legislative committee.

And we have to have legal support.

Public Advocate just filed a tremendously vital brief in a Virginia case before the
Supreme Court.

This brief explains in exhaustive detail to the Supreme Court judges "If you want to understand "special rights" in the current bizarre arguments in public legal proceedings, you have to expand to "limitless" the definition of sexual orientation or gender."

Imagine the insanity of the liberal elite who populate both major parties: they seek to expand - by action or negligence- the expansion of sexual terms by a "limitless" description. Some school systems allow students to describe themselves
as "birds" or "dogs".

Click here to read the entire legal brief filed by Public Advocate

I need your support as we enter this legislative season and get to work shutting down the "transgender bathroom agenda."

Sign Public Advocate's petiton for Religious Liberty to protect all Christians from the persecution being ochestrated by liberals in both major parties. This is a fight we can win," said Delgaudio.

Public Advocate petiton for Religious Liberty: