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Public Advocate: Happy New Year 2016, Lets Keep Working Together

Statement from Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate to supporters
on New Years' Day, in part:

"As we enter the new year, I wanted to look back over 2016 and share with you just some of the highlights of our efforts.

Our biggest victory of the year was North Carolina's Biological Bathroom Bill -- also known as HB2 -- which prevented the "transgender bathroom agenda" there.

When it was first introduced in the state legislature Public Advocate supporters were quick to flood Raleigh with support for the bill.

When Obama and the Homosexual Lobby turned on North Carolina -- even threatening to defund their public school system -- Public Advocate gathered national support for them.

When the Left turned the 2016 Election in North Carolina into a national referendum on HB2, Public Advocate spread the truth and robbed the Homosexual Lobby of the election mandate they desperately needed.

And when weak-kneed Republicans tried to cut a deal to repeal HB2 the week before Christmas, our supporters once again flooded the capitol with our pro-Family message and stopped the Repeal Vote from even happening!

North Carolina was just one part of the "transgender bathroom" fight this past year..............

We also uncovered proof of Obama's duplicity in his national "transgender bathroom" mandate.

Using a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request, we discovered that Obama was lying when he declared he had evidence of a national epidemic.

In fact, he only had a handful of minor complaints with regards to "transgender" students and bathrooms. Hardly enough information to justify a presidential executive order overriding the will of the local school boards and parents.

While the "transgender bathroom agenda" was Obama's last big radical push, it was hardly the only fight we saw in 2016.

Just before Thanksgiving, we defeated the Homosexual Lobby's attempt to endanger America's medical blood supply by removing critical safety standards to the blood donation process.

The Left hates the fact that practitioners of the homosexual lifestyle have been banned from giving blood since the Reagan Administration. Their sexual activity drastically increases the odds of passing on a blood-born virus.

This ban slashed the rate of viruses being passed on through blood transfusions. Yet because it upsets the Homosexual Lobby, the FDA was ready to end the restriction altogether.

But our supporters rallied in huge numbers and overwhelmed the official comments with support for the ban and for safety!........................

One of the achievements I am most proud of is our steadfast support of pro-Family champion Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.

While we are still fighting to see him restored to the judicial bench -- or appointed to a higher one -- Public Advocate showed Judge Moore that even in the darkest times he was not alone.

There are other victories that we could very well see soon because of the foundation laid by supporters like you in 2016.

The First Amendment Defense Act is looking stronger than ever thanks to the countless petitions signed..............

...............2016 has left me so eager for what you and I can accomplish in the new year.

God Bless you all and God Bless America."